Bear deck in progress…premise is abused, overworked, and drug addicted circus bears get sick and tired of being treated like garbage and start an uprising and a revolution hell bent on killing anything and everything, especially humans. Being abused and addicted to drugs has had a few side effects on the bears mental psyche. The steroids they were given have made them increasingly violent and full of rage, causing them to basically fight anything and everything. The cocaine and other psychedelic drugs have caused some of the bears to lose their minds seeing weird things in the forest, hence the secret lair lands with the weird creatures. With help from some of the circus sideshow freaks and honorary bear, Toski, BEARer of secrets, the bears will stop at nothing to take back the forest and assert their dominance once again. And since bears love honey, let’s add some honey, just a drop though. Just a drop.

Years of planning, hundreds of bear and sideshow freak lives lost, countless secrets and whispers in the dark, an uprising was in the works and once put in motion, nothing would be able to stop the carnage… “We will bear this abuse no longer!” roared Ayula. And with those words a revolution was started. The Dominaria Traveling Circus and Freakshow would never be the same again.


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