Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Mirrodin Besieged (MBS) Rare
Mirrodin Besieged: Mirran (MBM) Rare

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Creature — Shapeshifter

At the beginning of your upkeep, you may have Cryptoplasm become a copy of another target creature. If you do, Cryptoplasm gains this ability.

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Cryptoplasm Discussion

KingLard on Kraken the Ice

6 days ago

Pretty cool combo. But Mirror Image + Thing in the Ice won’t work. Since Mirror Image enters the battlefield as a copy, it triggers Thing in the Ice  Flip’s ETB effect and still comes with 4 ice counters.

But this will work with either Metamorphic Alteration or Cryptoplasm since both avoid ETB effects.

teceramtg on Merfolk Zegana

4 weeks ago

I appreciate your suggestions. Coat of Arms is in the list. You must've just missed it. I'm not sold on Coralhelm Commander. The input required to get him to lord status is substantial. Flying is appreciated, but plenty of islandwalk in the list makes it underwhelming. Cryptoplasm is interesting, as not getting a lord ability or the like right when you play him is a sure miss, but it's also very versatile. I could see an argument for it. Clever Impersonator is awesome; must've just forgot. And Adaptive Automaton would just be the weakest lord in a deck very saturated with them, but I'm starting to think it would be better than Metallic Mimic, which is terrible late game.

Those are my thoughts regarding your suggestions. Do you have any recommendations for cuts?

Darth_Savage on Blue Fax Machine

1 month ago

Hi SprScuba,

There are familiar foundations in this deck, similar in many ways to Owl-ing Mine (not my deck, but it inspired my own take on owl-ing mine), but with a different and possibly more fragile payoff. My initial thought is that your deck would struggle against other decks which aren't particularly creature focussed; heavy discard (8-rack), Storm and other go-wide strategies (Affinity / 8-Wack / Pyromancer / BW Tokens). Now if your meta is filled with good-stuff creature decks then this is exactly the sort of deck that can prey on that, but metas change...

I wouldn't particularly worry about enchantment removal, it is far less common, especially since Black and Red don't have access to it, but I would worry about facing decks which aren't creature focussed or go-wide. One of the easiest fixes I can think of is to play the Biovisionary combo. Splashing Green would give you access to ramp and Herald of the Pantheon too, which could help play those enchantments. Though if the aim was Biovisionary then Renegade Doppelganger and Cackling Counterpart would be good choices, maybe even one of Progenitor Mimic.

If you are planning to stay in mono blue, then you need an alternative win-con, the two obvious ones being Thing in the Ice  Flip and Cryptic Serpent, but even an Illusory Angel or Riptide Chimera could work. Your also not running any clones, per say Cryptoplasm or Phantasmal Image are the first that come to mind.

I guess what my comment boils down to is that your deck needs a better win-con, incase you are faced with a deck which isn't aggro focussed. I hope this is of some help, have fun brewing your deck.

TypicalTimmy on Blue Creature Cloner?

1 month ago

Here's a list of what I could find.

Rhadamanthus on What happens when [Cryptoplasm] copies ...

3 months ago

S.N.O.T., Cryptoplasm, Clone, Phyrexian Metamorph

Copying S.N.O.T. with Cryptoplasm won't really do anything at first. You can only stick one S.N.O.T. to another as its entering the battlefield, and Cryptoplasm's copy ability doesn't cause it to re-enter the battlefield again.

If you stick another S.N.O.T. onto the Cryptoplasm and then make the Cryptoplasm copy something else, the new copy effect will overwrite all its other characteristics. It will still be two cards stuck together, but it will otherwise be a normal copy of whatever you switched to.

The original FAQ for Unhinged doesn't have much detail beyond that the stuck-together cards are "considered one creature". I think it's safe to say that S.N.O.T. works like the host-augment mechanic from Unstable and if something happens to one of the stuck-together cards then it happens to the entire creature.

colton815 on What happens when [Cryptoplasm] copies ...

3 months ago

Cryptoplasm is not "coming into play" therefore you cannot combine it with a pre-existing S.N.O.T..

"independent", not "independant". if S.N.O.T. dies, everything stuck to it dies. it very clearly states they all become 1 creature and are treated as such.

Disciple_of_Doran on Clone deck

5 months ago

thinning out the deck is going to depend on what your overall strategy is. Are you trying to win with Biovisionary? If so, you'll want to bring him up to 4 copies and stick with more of the cards like Cryptoplasm and Renegade Doppelganger that can copy it after already being in play, while removing stuff like Duplicant or Dark Impostor that exiles the original copy.

multimedia on Kess Storm

7 months ago

Hey, very nice.

I suggest more rituals that can make red mana such as Desperate Ritual and Seething Song. Red mana is important because of Past in Flames, being able to cast it and then flash it back in the same turn.

Looters are good with Kess, especially Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip, but Looter il-Kor too. Gamble is a good tutor because what ever you discard is most likely going to be an instant of sorcery which can be flashed back. The same can be said about Windfall, Frantic Search and Fact or Fiction all are great draw spells with Kess because they let you draw and put cards in the graveyard. Windfall especially, being able to refill your hand with more spells to cast when storming off.

No Counterspell, Arcane Denial, Swan Song or Negate to protect Kess? I know counterspells aren't the best with her flashback ability, but they do protect her and she's a big target once on the battlefield.

Phyrexian Metamorph seems like a better clone here then Cryptoplasm because it can also copy mana rock artifacts such as Doubling Cube, Gilded Lotus even Ring or a rock an opponent has.

Isochron Scepter is pretty busted with the Storm strategy, lots of good options to use with it.

Good luck with your deck.

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