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Nayasaurusrex {updated Oct 4th}

Standard* Competitive Midrange Primer Theme/Gimmick


NEW Tweaked the list now that GRN is out, and i really love Deafening Clarion in this list. It triggers enrage on Ripjaw Raptor, all our dinosaurs live, clears the board AND my dino's get lifelink???? Yes please. Dropped the planeswalkers immediately for 3 of this card. Also swapped out Lightning Strike for Lava Coil since we want to clear the board rather than burn directly anyway. Dropped Ranging Raptors for more Seal Away and Ixalan's Binding.

I cant see the deck getting much better until the next set when we get Gruul cards.

Naya Dinosaurs with a Midrange focus! Churn out your mana dorks and cast your dinosaurs out quickly! Remove anything that stands in your way and don't worry about burning their face, we want to have a clear path to stomp through and feel badass while we do it!

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Carnage Tyrant can be brought out as early as t4 making impressive pressure on the board. Hard to remove, demands answers.

Ripjaw Raptor Is just a solid card, demands answers or takes over the game easily and with the deck being able to consistently cast it on t3, puts immense pressure on the board. At least gives you one card when they smite it with a removal spell.

Runic Armasaur is such a beefcake and nets us some great card advantage or soaks up damage! perfectly on the curve too, replacing Ranging Raptors.

Regisaur Alpha is great at filling out the board and being a lord of sorts for the dinosaurs. im running 3 because i wanted another removal spell, and running 3 is fine with the digging from spells and card draw from raptor.

Drover of the Mighty the mana dorks. No one wants to waste their burn or removal on these guys, and a 3/3 body is great on the defense.

Ghalta, Primal Hunger Is almost always cast for 1GG or GG, creating immense pressure on the board. Often cast it on T4 or just after a Regisaur Alpha. 12/12 trampler is very good. Only 2 because we dont want multiples.

Deafening Clarion one of the main reasons I wanted to return to naya, plus the shock lands. This card doesnt kill any of our creatures, except the drover. It also draws us cards from Ripjaw Raptor, clears the board and then all our dinosaurs get lifelink?? Talk about a turn around move! I always felt the dino deck needed some sort of sweeper and i think thats it. Now, lore wise, just imagine all the dinosaurs screaming at you.

Ixalan's Binding - hard removal, no i dont want them to play even more copies of Teferi, thank you. Best removal for us, considered Conclave Tribunal but ... we really dont want tapped dinosaurs.

Lava Coil a nice removal piece for larger creatures, or those who abuse the graveyard.

Seal Away to help stave off early aggression, or save for a really scary flier! We not good with flying.

Commune with Dinosaurs Good t1 play and a good top deck when you're empty handed. This card hits most of what we want, and doesnt pitch to graveyard so we can still draw them later!

Savage Stomp is the best creature removal for us simply due to it being 1 mana for us. sorcery sucks but cant beat 1cmc. Triggers enrage on my dinos and removes a creature before combat, permanently giving my dino a +1/+1 counter.

Kinjalli's Sunwing to slow down aggressive decks mostly.

Settle the Wreckage for aggressive decks or go wide!

Savage Stomp for more ground based fights.

Shalai, Voice of Plenty to protect us from burn decks, and opposing Settle the Wreckage

Shapers' Sanctuary again for the targeted match ups.

Thrashing Brontodon in my meta, everyones running sagas and artifacts so it makes sense to start mainboarding this card.

Ranging Raptors is our cheapest dinosaur currently and thins our deck out nicely to help ramp even easier into our finishers. Deters potential attackers and is usually unblocked. Thinning the deck is important so we can keep the pressure up by playing more dinosaurs. Makes a great fight target.

Seal Away feels better than Baffling End as it isnt restricted by cmc, and we're scared of glorybringer and hazoret, which this removes.

Huatli, Warrior Poet is a lot of fun, granting lots of life or a relevant blocker. I like to use this for alpha swinging with her ultimate, usually killing her the turn she is played to stop 3 blockers, usually enough for the trampling dinos! Through testing, she is an AMAZING stablizer, often gaining you enough to be put back into the game and then drawing aggro because you just gained 5 life or 7 life w/ tyrant :)

Territorial Allosaurus Testing out this guy to fill out of 4 drop slot, i like the big body and i like being able to use it as a removal spell later in the game too.

Cast Out For when we need to deal with more permanents or Gods.

Thunderherd Migration

Settle the Wreckage for the mirror and other agressive decks.

Kinjalli's Sunwing is a flier, slows down our opponent and will frankly - probably just eat a removal spell. Thats ok. Boarded in as a flier or to slow down aggressive decks.

Etali, Primal Storm

Trapjaw Tyrant

Forerunner of the Empire

Prowling Serpopard is for decks running blue, most tend to run Essence Scatter or something along those lines so this is for that and any possible control match up.

Reckless Rage

Prepare // Fight Combat trick and lifegain for those quick decks or decks that focus on burning to try and trade with my big dinosaurs. This also nets us a lot of life and makes for unfavorable trades with out opponent! No one ever expects this either.

Authority of the Consuls Is for RDW and fast aggro decks, but mostly for RDW. Lets us play our dudes at a regular pace and not the extreme speed that they wanted to play at. Also stops suprise damage coming through and a little bit of life gain.

Baffling End is brought in for agressive decks or quicker decks with problem creatures.

Thaumatic Compass  Flip is used for more reliable land filtering and ensuring land drops which this deck struggles with sometimes. Also flips into a useful land as we dont really want to be on the defense by swinging in a lot, this untaps one of their attackers and helps us stay alive a little longer. Removed in place for more utility dinosaurs in RIX.

Wayward Swordtooth

Kinjalli's Caller too cute and too unreliable to get t1, also a really bad top deck. I dont want this at all.

Vanquisher's Banner was a test for an anthem effect and some card draw but was too slow in the end.

Mouth // Feed was tested as a source of card draw too, was pretty good but since it was an Aftermath effect only it took that extra step to cast and was a bit too fiddly to be consistent. Nice draw power though, may look into this in the future again.

Shapers' Sanctuary is our main card draw, but serves as pseudo protection as who really wants to give us more fuel? May deter spells being cast or activating abilities on opponents side and is very cheap, also stacks! Running 2 copies for now.

Gishath, Sun's Avatar might be a bit win more, but a great end game with his built in abilities. Currently testing without this, though is still a great finisher.

Ajani Unyielding helps us dig and to remove bigger threats at the cost of granting them some life. Good trade off in my opinion.

Samut, the Tested Tested. Double strike is going to be favourable for us in combat and some enrage triggering too if need be. However, this is a win more card and doesnt help us on an empty board or a losing position.

Lifecrafter's Bestiary for the scrying and card draw, even with being our main colour, i found this kind of hard to trigger. It felt...clunky.

Priest of the Wakening Sun This isnt the right deck for it. I liked the life gain but i ended up dropping it all together for more removal.


Updates Add

went 3-1 with this list again! I'll put my ranking up when i remember my dci password to find out my placing haha. There were 16 players. Im thinking 5th or something.

i couldnt find or buy 2 trapjaw tyrant so i replaced them with 1 more huatli and ajani for this fnm. hopefully can get some for next week.

R1 0-2 BU control

Hmm yes it was all good and dandy until he pulled out a Mechanised Production onto one of his 7 treasure tokens. I had no Cast Out in hand and well yep that was it pretty much. Game two i was prepared but was this time killed by a marrionette master why didnt i see that coming? Ah, well.

R2 2-0 Mardu Tokens

I was against my friend but we never get to versus so this was fun match! Game one we both had awkward mana but i got my forerunner of the empire out and it was very easy to sweep the board by playing any dinosaur and dealing 1 to the board. Game 2 I just got a good play with Ripjaw on t3, Alpha on t4 and Carnage on t5. It was hard to beat.

R3 2-0 RB midrange??control??

Wasnt sure what exactly but i think maybe it was reminiscent of mardu vehicles but it only played Heart of Kiran and had lots of chandras and Pia Nalaar. These matches were very very close, I won game one because i had two Prepare / Fight in my hand and was going in with 2 ranging raptor and 1 Drover of the Mighty while he was tapped out with a Heart of Kiran and a chandra in play, I was going to get in for free damage because i forgot you can crew Kiran with planeswalker loyalty! I was just going to untap and give lifelink to my guys to get back some needed life. BUT HE CREWED THE KIRAN AND BLOCKED DROVER, so i then cast Prepare and killed it! I didnt plan for this, because i was on 4 life i was gonna die but then it was a big life swing and then there was no Kiran to be scared of and it went well.

g2 was much more control oriented with the hand discard spells but i managed to land a board state and punched through for damage, it took a while and maybe i need some more removal in the form of burn to deal with Kitesail Freebooter and the likes.

r4 2-0 BW vampires

Killed the tokens with Forerunner of the Empire and smashed through with Ghalta, Primal Hunger and even predicted a Settle the Wreckage by swinging with just tokens made with Huatli, i felt very good about that. Nothing too scary here and the next game was pretty easy as well.

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