Prepare // Fight


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Rare

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Prepare // Fight



Untap target creature. It gets +2/+2 and lifelink until end of turn.


Aftermath (Cast this spell only from your graveyard. Then exile it.)

Target creature you controls fight target creature an opponent controls.

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Prepare // Fight Discussion

Brownkid09 on Baneslayer

2 days ago

Hey y'all, just wanted to drop by again with some ideas for this deck. I do love how Prepare // Fight worked for me. Making a Resplendent Angels a 5/5 with lifelink and grabbing a 4/4 token after a foiled block seemed pretty great. Also, I do like how Life Goes On performed well against the mono red/ R/B match-ups.

multimedia on Steph's Cats

1 month ago

Hey, consider Resilient Khenra? He's not a Cat, but he's shown that he's very good with both Sacred and Adorned especially Adorned. Consider 4x Serpopard and 2x Pouncing, switch them? Serpopard is a much better Cat; Pouncing is very lackluster.

4x Sunpetal Grove will really help the manabase. If you can't afford Sunpetal then consider 4x Tranquil Expanse? Oath of Ajani I think is putting too much stress on the current manabase. Adding more Selesnya dual lands will help. Canopy Vista is not Standard legal if you're playing the deck in Standard have to replace it with another land.

Consider cutting Oath for some more two drop creature removal? Gideon's Reproach is an option it's better than Impeccable Timing as is Seal Away or more Compulsory Rest is also fine. Consider Prepare // Fight or Synchronized Strike? These cards are good with Pride Sovereign because they can untap it after it's exerted and give it a pump. Initiate's Companion has nice synergy with Pride, but it's weak and has to do combat damage to a player to get to untap Pride. Can't count on using it's ability to untap Pride want other cards that can.

Good luck with your deck.

Meurth on G/W Cats (Standard Edition)

2 months ago

I love the creature base! But I don't like the sorceries too much. 3x Harvest Season seems like too much, won't be that helpful since you can only use it efficiently in the late game. I think Oketra's Last Mercy should be in the sideboard since it's good against red decks but not so much against other colors, you also have a lot of lifelink already. Rhonas's Last Stand doesn't fit the theme and slows your deck down too much imo. I'm not a big fan of Prepare / Fight but maybe it works here.

Some good replacements for these could be: Seal Away, great defensive card for only 2 mana. Blossoming Defense both protects a creature and makes it deal more damage. There's probably good alternatives if you don't want to run Kaladesh or Aether Revolt cards but I'm not very familiar with standard sry. Vanquisher's Banner gives you drawpower you may need in the lategame.

razelfark on G/W Dinosaurs

3 months ago

Nice take on the dino enrage idea. You may want to consider Prepare / Fight. The first half works a nice combat trick with lifegain and the other gives you a fight card option.

Pickacantaloupe on Crazy Cat Menagerie, DOM update [Primer]

5 months ago

So after a long time with my cat deck I really don't like Feral Prowler. I go 4 of on Sacred Cat, 4 Adorned Pouncer, 4 Pride Sovereign, 4 Prowling Serpopard, 4 Metallic Mimic, and 4 Regal Caracal. I find that the rest of the deck is personal choice at this point, and what I mean is, I see most people run these cats. Could be me, but I like my playsets of cats, and the ones present are great. My own paper and MTGO cat deck also include Huatli, Radiant Champion cause she's so good here. The rest are combat tricks/extra ways to draw. The ones I see for you are fine, once again. I like the Verdant Rebirth, but I don't run it myself. Do you not like Blossoming Defense? I realize it works for spot removal, but I find nowadays an extra combat trick or two can push you for the win. I use Shapers' Sanctuary myself, but only as a 1 of, and another in the sideboard. In my current deck my combat tricks are 2 Blossoming Defense, 1 Appeal / Authority, 3 Cast Out, and 1 Prepare / Fight. It's weird but it works. I'm starting to like these spell cards that work from your graveyard, it may make your opponent switch into extra graveyard hate, which is great since this is more tempo/aggro. 2 Radiant Destiny, 1 Shapers' Sanctuary, and 2 Huatli, Radiant Champion are the only non-cats other than the combat tricks.

Shyvana_ on Hour of Cat-astrophe

5 months ago

Hey Dandy-lion! Thank you so much for commenting, it's all appreciated, I saw your two suggestions, and yes, I have been considering those cards greatly and I was going to ask Rwhr2d2 (A guy who has put a lot of input into this deck) about those two exact cards but TappedOut hasn't been allowing me to comment for the past couple of days, but, it's been fixed for me now. Radiant Destiny and Huatli, Radiant Champion I've been really excited for in this deck, but I've only found one Radiant Destiny. I probably won't use Anointed Procession just because I don't want to burn a turn four because I wanted some tokens because that means it's my opponents' turn 5 and they'll Fumigate me and I was left completely open. My current LGS meta is two Second Approaches (I haven't seen them since December), Naya dinos, Ramunap red, and two Vampire decks (One is Vraska, and the other is an attempt at tokens). The dinos as you said have always been super close at beating me but he's yet to kill me. The Ixalan's Binding really helps against him when I play him. He's been hitting me down to 1 or 2 health, but every time I've been able to wiggle out. I top deck'd Regal Caracal in the 2 health game and healed back up, and in the 1 health game he swung all out, didn't kill me, hit him with that Appeal and swung all out and killed him. As for Radiant Destiny and Huatli, Radiant Champion, I'm not too sure what I need to take out. I like Heroic Intervention to prevent board sweepers such as Fumigate and Sweltering Suns (Which will kill my entire board, always. Besides Oketra the True.)) Lifecrafter's Bestiary is in the deck so I won't get stuck in a hard mana pocket and I can get card advantage when I play a Sacred Cat and Adorned Pouncer for 5 mana when it's the time for top decking.

If you have some more thinking Dandy-lion, I'd be glad to hear it!

P.S. EPICSpider23, I forgot to reply to you. Prepare / Fight is a pretty fun card, I used to run Ornamental Courage for an untap, but I thought hexproof / indestructible protection would be better for the deck. As for Fumigate, I'm not into sweeping my own board.

EPICSpider23 on Hour of Cat-astrophe

6 months ago

This deck looks pretty good. A few things, I'm not quite sure why you're using Resilient Khenra and although Oketra the True is a great card, I don't feel like it synergies well. Have a look at my cat tribal deck and you may find something that works Meowtastic. Prepare / Fight goes great, especially untapping Pride Sovereign and Fumigate will always come in handy.

SynergyBuild on Kitty!!!

6 months ago

I believe the rules of these are 60 dollars mainboard, with 10 dollars sideboard?

Same as What a HORRORble Night to Have a Curse

and Spooky Ghosts (Budget tribal tournament)

and Disciples of Ojutai

Anyway, I want to help build this deck up, since it is only ~50$ and has no sideboard!

Cats are a very good "zoo" tribe. They can be very aggresive and kill the opponent before they have a chance to respond. From the most aggresive one drops such as Loam Lion, Savannah Lions, and Wild Nacatl, to landfall creatures like Steppe Lynx and Scythe Leopard (Think triggering landfall twice with Evolving Wilds) you could easily build a very powerful budget deck.

Fleecemane Lion is a great two drop, and later if you get him Monstrous, he can be a killer on the field. Longtusk Cub is another good threat mid game, and Pride Sovereign as a finishing blow.

Cards like Adorned Pouncer which you have in the deck are only really good when used with buffs like Prepare / Fight or Appeal / Authority and Cats just is not the tribe for them.

Regal Caracal is a great card, and it looks that way, but at five mana, it is a bit two slow for this deck. I will build a quick decklist below to show you how to build Cats in a more aggressive way:


4x Steppe Lynx

4x Wild Nacatl

4x Scythe Leopard

4x Savannah Lions

4x Loam Lion

4x Longtusk Cub

4x Pride Sovereign

4x Prowling Serpopard

2x Regal Caracal

4x Oust

4x Evolving Wilds

2x Terramorphic Expanse

8x Plains

7x Forest

1x Mountain


3x Watchers of the Dead - Against Control

2x Qasali Pridemage - To get rid of enchantments/artifacts

4x Fragmentize - To get rid of even more enchantments/artifacts

3x Prey Upon - Removal for creatures

3x Heroic Intervention - Against Board wipes

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