Quicksilver Elemental


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Mirrodin (MRD) Rare

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Quicksilver Elemental

Creature — Elemental

(Blue): Quicksilver Elemental gains all activated abilities of target creature until end of turn. (If any of the abilities use that creature's name, use this creature's name instead.)

You may spend blue mana as though it were mana of any color to pay the activation costs of Quicksilver Elemental's abilities.

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Quicksilver Elemental Discussion

Billgod247 on Swiss Army Mairsil, the Pretender

2 weeks ago

This deck rocks because each ability can be used once on each and every turn. When a card says it's name in the activated ability it really means to say "this card" so it can work with Mairsil having that ability. I usually stray from using infinite combos but may have included some. 1 which I am aware of is infinite mana using Quicksilver Elemental, Staff of Domination, and Gilded Lotus. Cage all three cards, activate each ability using Mairsil (Lotus , Staff, then Q.E., repeat for each).

He_Who_Hungers on Mairsil, Make-Believe Champion

1 month ago

Yes, I think you are confusing things. Disallow cannot be cast to counter only part of the ability (such as the returning part of AEtherling or Conjurer's Closet). I have already pointed out my reasons for not including the Closet (mostly because it is a dead draw if you already have a way to blink Mairsil), but as far as the Aetherling goes: both the exile and the return are part of the ability's effect. If the ability is countered, Mairsil will not be exiled in the first place, and therefor also not be stuck in a 'permanent' exile. For Tatsumasa, the Dragon's Fang, this is different, since it specifically states that it will only return if the token is put into a graveyard. So any exile or effect which prevents it from hitting the 'yard will keep Mairsil exile, since its return condition can no longer be fulfilled. Aetherling or Closet do not have a condition: If Mairsil is exiled by it, it will also be returned.

You are correct as far as the restrictions on Quicksilver Elemental's abilities go, in that copying Mairsil's abilities will not instantly provide a way to go infinite. However, there are still ways in which things like infinite mana are possible. There is a different rule that states that any restriction on the activation of an ability which has been acquired from a different object applies only to that specific ability as acquired from that specific object, and does not affect different, otherwise completely identical, abilities. What this means is that every ability acquired from Mairsil by Quicksilver Elemental will have its own independent 1 per turn clause.

What this allows you to do is, for example, if you have Gilded Lotus and Morphling exiled with Mairsil, and have Quicksilver elemental in play (without summoning sickness), to tap Mairsil for 3 blue mana with the Lotus' ability, use one blue mana to copy all of his abilities onto the Quicksilver elemental. Next you can use another blue mana to untap the Elemental through Morphling's ability, then tap it again with the Lotus' ability for a total of 4 blue mana floating. At this moment you'll have used both abilities the Quicksilver Elemental copied from Mairsil, so you cannot use either of them again. What you can do, however, is activate Quicksilver's own activated ability again on Mairsil, and copy all of his activated abilities (again). At this point your Elemental has each ability of the Morphling and the Gilded Lotus twice, and you can use each of them once each turn. This allows you to tap it for 3 colored mana an additional time, untap it for one blue mana, then copy Mairsil's ability's again for a total of 5 blue mana. Rinse and repeat and you will leave you with infinite mana, and your Quicksilver Elemental with a shitload of activated abilities, which it can effectively use as often as needed, by copying them again.

Thanks for your suggestions! I see where you are going with them, but as I mentioned in my description, I'm really not looking for instant win combo's. That's not the way I like to play. Infinite mana I will allow, as long as it does not project an instant win condition.

He_Who_Hungers on Mairsil, Make-Believe Champion

1 month ago

I know in my group I will encounter that, so I won't think twice about running Ovinomancer haha. Probably needed to take Toxic Deluge out anyway since I don't fancy spending 7 on a single card, so I put Shauku in instead of that.

Also switched Tatsumasa, the Dragon's Fang for Gilded Lotus because I noticed I had very little ways to produce colored mana with Mairsil, which is quite important when trying to get infinite mana with Quicksilver Elemental (because you need to keep copying the abilities, as you can only use each of them once per turn). Not a win condition, but it can never hurt to have the possibility enabled. As much as I want to find a use for Tatsumasa, the fact that it only comes back if the Dragon token hits the yard makes Mairsil way too vulnerable for instant speed exile if I pop it (then Mairsil would just stay in exile and I'd have no way to get him back). Not worth the risk :P

DrukenReaps on Do activations of Mairsil grow ...

2 months ago

Huh. I actually built Mairsil recently and this hadn't occurred to me but yes. Each time you spend he gains all the activated abilities again including the ones previously copied. This does not reset the abilities already on him. I want to go a little further into it if you don't mind.

Lets pretend (I made a funny :P) he has Quicksilver Elemental in the cage.

Spend he now has that ability twice but one of the quicksilver abilities is used.

Spend he now has that ability four times and 2 of the quicksilver abilities are used.

Spend he now has that ability eight times and 3 used.

Spend he now has that ability sixteen times and 4 used.

So on and so on.

Neotrup on How does quicksilver elemental interact ...

3 months ago

You can activate each ability once, plus an additional time for each activation of Quicksilver Elemental's ability. Using the ability doesn't remove the limitation entirely, just expands it.

Neotrup on How does quicksilver elemental interact ...

3 months ago

Yes. The new abilities are new instances with a new copy of the "activate only once per turn" clause, including a new copy of Quicksilver Elemental's ability.

Lil_Kalki on Should I Pretend This Or That?

3 months ago

Hey there! Thanks for the upvote on A Man Of Many Masks! Your thoughts on how important haste is has convinced me to add in a Flamekin Village. :)

Two things I didnt see here were Quicksilver Elemental and Grand Architect. QE is a staple of any/all given Mairsil builds due to the ability to reuse abilities with it caged (same as with Mirage Mirror, but costing a mana less). GA is a mana combo with Pili-Pala when both arent caged and are out. So, both of those are huge suggestions I have for you.

Additionally, since haste is relevant, you should try to make room for Hanweir Battlements, and, because the two are just great together, Hanweir Garrison. More haste definitely helps, and I see that better now :)

~Lil Kalki

Neth on Mairsil + Quicksilver Elemental interaction ...

3 months ago

let's say i have a Mairsil, the Pretender in play, he caged a Quicksilver Elemental and Dominating Licid. i have Anger in my graveyard and a Mountain on the field.

Now to my question: If i copy mairsils set of abilities with quicksilver elemental and use dominating licid to get the control of an enemy creature. i will still have a copy of the licids ability, right? if so: when i now untap my mairsil-enchantment and activate the copied ability, can i attach mairsil to a second creature at the same time?

tldr: can an aura be attached to more than one creature?

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