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Who needs draw when you can exile?

Commander / EDH Exile Flying RUG (Temur) Wizards


Low-cost spellslinger deck based on modal spells and commander allowing you to exile cards to play them ad infinitum assuming you have the mana(no draw needed)

If punishing your opponents with tons of control, direct damage and removal doesn't excite you - Riku can also kill with commander trample damage or print flying tokens to evade enemy defences! Plenty of land ramp included to make sure you outgun the enemy!

Deck has a sum of 86 modes and 10 optional draw.


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93% Casual


Date added 1 month
Last updated 3 weeks

This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

Rarity (main - side)

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Cards 100
Avg. CMC 3.33
Tokens Bear 2/2 G, Citizen 2/2 WUBRG, Copy Clone, Elemental X/X G, Food, Human 1/1 W, Spawn 3/3 R, Spirit 2/2 W, The Ring, The Ring Tempts You, Treasure
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