This aggressive blue deck is my most beloved deck in paper. I have worked on it for around 4 years and it continues to amaze me in how fun it is to pilot. I love building decks and like Mistform is a master of change the deck has seen a lot of different cards over the years. One thing remains the same, and that is the commander Mistform - even tho many would argue that Orvar, the All-Form is a straight upgrade.

I like the casual power level of the deck. Even the the powerlevel is fairly low it does not feel like it is doing nothing. On the contrary, the deck is packed with synergy and is very adaptable.

I have tried to theme the aspects of drawing, removal and ramp in the deck and if you have any good suggestions I would be happy to hear them.

The decklist is still missing a maybeboard/cards I already have tried - it is on its way.
I update this list more often:


  1. Azami, Lady of Scrolls The strongest Wizard in terms of card advantage.
  2. Galecaster Colossus A freaking unite of a Wizard that can take control over the whole board with enough backup.
  3. Vedalken AEthermage and Step Through are two very nice instant speed Wizard tutors.
  4. Stonybrook Banneret Cost reduction for the two most substantiel Tribes in the deck.
  5. Archetype of Imagination A Wizard that can make sure I can finish a game with a good attack.
  6. Docent of Perfection   A Token-maker and a Lord for Wizards, very useful.
  7. Gadwick, the Wizened Is a strong late game draw. Also very nice for tapping down pesky blockers.
  8. Glen Elendra Archmage The deck don't run a lot of counterspells, so its very soothing to have some protection for a creature heavy deck.
  9. Inspired Sprite Is bonkers with Azami, Lady of Scrolls. But also strong on its own.
  10. Riptide Laboratory Can save a Wizard or give me another ETB trigger.
  11. Volo, Itinerant Scholar and Master of Waves are two Wizards that supports another Tribes.
  12. Siren Stormtamer are good protection. Together with Faerie Seer they make two strong early Wizard evasion creatures.

  1. Merrow Reejerey Is maybe the strongest Merfolk in the deck, it can pump out mana with Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx.
  2. Lord of Atlantis and Master of the Pearl Trident are two very awesome Lord-effects with build in evasion on other Blue players.
  3. Stonybrook Banneret Cost reduction for the two most substantiel Tribes in the deck.
  4. Sea Scryer Themed ramp.
  5. Master of Waves are a Merfolk that supports another Tribes.

  1. Brazen Borrower Early removal, can help the Faerie tribe and trigger Prowl.
  2. Glen Elendra Archmage Protection.
  3. Inspired Sprite A cool loot effect.
  4. Faerie Conclave A land that can turn into an atatcker.
  5. Faerie Slumber Party A themed Bounce spell that can leave me with a lot of Flyers.
  6. Notorious Throng A themed extra turn spell, that can end the game on the following turn.

  1. Malcolm, Keen-Eyed Navigator Very nice ramp.
  2. Kitesail Larcenist Very nice removal.
  3. Siren Stormtamer Very nice protection.
  4. Spectral Sailor Very nice draw.
  5. Pirated Copy An adaptive pirate!

  1. Unesh, Criosphinx Sovereign Awesome cost reduction and crazy card advantage!
  2. Defiler of Dreams Awesome cost reduction and crazy card advantage!
  3. Enigma Thief Good bounce.

  1. Galerider Sliver A nice early evasive creature that can make the whole team Flying later.
  2. Griffin Canyon and Swarmyard are really cool with Mistform and the other changelings.
  3. Skystrike Officer A nice evasive creature that can draw cards and make bodies.
  4. Prosperous Thief I have been looking to add som ninjas and with the new outlaw keyword that cares about rogues, this is an exciting addition.
  5. Double Down Really looking forward to try this out.
  6. Day of the Dragons A heavy finisher, mostly for the memes.

  1. Amoeboid Changeling, Shapesharer, Mothdust Changeling and Mutavault are nice changelings that can all support other Tribes.
  2. Titan of Littjara Is a good recuring pay-oof draw engine of the dominating Tribe.
  3. Roaming Throne Double the triggers!
  4. Mystic Reflection Make some cool tokens!
  5. Maskwood Nexus The best card in the whole deck.
  6. Path of Ancestry Very nice when you commander is every type.
  7. Raise the Palisade A one-sided board wipe in the best case scenario.
  8. Arcane Adaptation Often names Wizards.
  9. Kindred Discovery Awesome draw power.
  10. Glasspool Mimic   A clone effect that can trigger prowl and in worst case be a land.
  11. Unnatural Selection A strong effect in this deck.


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