my first ever created deck on Magic Arena evolved and became a Deck I Wanted to make for Commander. The Goal is simple. Tokens, Life Gain, +1+1 Counters.... Using as many token doublers as we can. we want to pump out as many Copies of Aragorn and Arwyn Wed to give us Insane amounts of life. how do we do this, with Helm of the host.

(Update) the strat is simple. Step one pop out Sisay, Step 2 Use sisay to tutor for Helm and Ojir as fast as possible. Step three play Helm and Ojir as fast as possible. Enter battle create 3 Ojirs. Now those 4 Ojirs will make 81 copies of what ever creature you want to attach Helm to Or...just make 81 more Ojirs. If you go past 81 ojirs you make 1330279464729113309844748891857449678409 Copies.

Your commander is Captain Sisay and she is a critical component to the deck. She tutors for all your legendary cards.

There are other cards I want to put in and take out and as I play it I will work around, But I'd love comments, and criticism about the deck please

I don't know what power level this is considered or if this is even casual...Please let me know how you'd improve the deck.

Original Dual lands are out of the picture. I Do understand changing out things for fetches, shocks, pains and other.


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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