Rionya Value with a side of Infinite Combos

Rionya goes infinite herself with Combat Celebrant or Godo, Bandit Warlord . Celebrant is probably the easiest win since Rionya can come down right after it and immediately throw an arbitrary number of tokens at any blockers, or be out and do the same after dropping celebrant.

Other infinites in the deck include infinite Haze of Rage casts with Birgi, God of Storytelling  , Memory Crystal , and Ruby Medallion , which with Rionya turns into infinite copies of any creature (and thus infinite face damage with any creature that does face damage on enter, eliminating the need to combat for the win). You can also get infinite mana with Rings of Brighthearth , Voltaic Key , and Deserted Temple with Scorched Ruins or a progressed City of Shadows .

That said, this is essentially a casual deck. Rionya can infinite and win, but because she's in red and can at best wheel (creatures to copy: Magus of the Wheel ) rather than reliably tutoring, she's unlikely to just come out and win right away. Instead, the creature core is intended to be loaded with valuable Enters the Battlefield abilities, meaning that a steady stream of copies (or a momentary surge with a couple buyback casts) can grind out value against other casual decks. Alternating copying Anarchist & casting new cards with casting the sorcery of your choice and surge-copying something like Avalanche Riders or Bogardan Hellkite is meant to batter down stalled games and win in attrition. It's a very silly sort of scenario, but it can work.


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