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The history:

I played magic through middle and high school, about '97-05ish time frame. During that time I had a lot of fun, built terrible decks, and just had a good time. Eventually I "matured" and left the game for good. Which we all know is never for good. About 10 years later I was getting a little nostalgic and I started playing again, I made a few kitchen table decks, a standard or two, but I just wasn't feeling it. Until someone told me about EDH. A format where I could put 100 different cards in, and my favorite mechanic of all time was still legal... banding

So here it is, my first, and very much still my favorite EDH deck.

It's not particularly good, but it's incredibly fun to bust out on unsuspecting EDH nights. I need some help though, help me make the deck move better, and be a bigger threat, without losing the banding spirit of the deck.


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