Soot Imp

Soot Imp

Creature — Imp


Whenever a player casts a nonblack spell, that player loses 1 life.

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Soot Imp Discussion

somedumbjerk on Ayara engines EDH

1 year ago


Kaya's Ghostform Epic Downfall Tomb Robber Soot Imp Pack Rat Cadaver Imp

In: Insidious Dreams - Helps assemble combos

Animate Dead - cheap recursion that should've been in there

Night's Whisper - cheap hand refill

Necropotence - Well I'll succumb to goodstuffs here.

Black Market - things die and profit from board wipes.

Coldsteel Heart - is very needed

destindigi on Rakdos RNG

2 years ago

I'd cut: Griselbrand (banned :P), Soulcage Fiend , The Scorpion God , Stronghold Overseer , Hazoret's Monument , Revel in Riches

I'd recommend adding more lands and lower cost creatures, and switching mana rocks to use more that cost 2 instead of 3 like Talisman of Indulgence or Mind Stone

Lower cost Demons, Devils and Imps: Ammit Eternal , Cadaver Imp , Desecration Demon , Herald of Torment , Sin Prodder , Soot Imp , Spawn of Mayhem , Torch Fiend

Podkomorka on Pauper EDH Deck Compendium

2 years ago

Decks added:

@Dete I know! Really happy with the steady deckflow!

@pipercraven Fix that Archetype deck link bro! Maybe it's private still?

Darth_Savage on

2 years ago

Budget doesn't need to be bad and some of your card choices here are just bad, particularly Insatiable Harpy, which should be Vampire Nighthawk or Gifted Aetherborn. Squelching Leeches is also marginal, Dread Shade, Desecration Demon or even Korlash, Heir to Blackblade would be better choices. Given the number of creatures you are running Throne of the God-Pharaoh might work, also since you are mono black Mire's Toll and Soot Imp might be worth a shot. I occasionally run a devotion deck Sweet (black) devotion, which might give you some ideas, though it definately isn't budget.

If you simply want to build a lifegain/drain deck, I'd look at cards like Sovereign's Bite, Alms of the Vein, Rite of Consumption and maybe Chancellor of the Dross. Also have a look at Mono black deckbuilder's toolbox, this is a list of the major black cards for modern. I hope this is of some help, good luck with your brew.

MohenjoDaro on I bet you really enjoyed your hand

2 years ago

Painful Quandary or Soot Imp might fit in to try and discourage your opponent from casting things. I would say 2 would be the most you would want.

Fleshbag Marauder could work instead of Gatekeeper of Malakir

I think Smallpox could work.

Vona's Hunger might be able to work, but I'm not sure.

Lumek on Monoblack lifeFling

3 years ago

Soot Imp isn't good enough in terms of cost/power. Against combo i have already discard and Lost Legacy.
Bloodsoaked Champion can't block and i want the game go long. It is good for more aggro decks. Also doesn't synergize with Murderous Cut and Profane Command (which is btw very good card, natural 2 for 1 and won me few games already:).
Slitherhead can be good to buy some time and boosting creature can be very useful especially for Gifted Aetherborn against Lightning Bolts. But bolt could be played in response to scavenge as kind of 2 for 1. Discard or Ruthless Ripper seems as better turn1 play to buy some time. In future i plan to play Thoughtseize instead of Duress in nonbudget version.
Regarding Bile Blight agree, that instant is way more better than sorcery and i should play it. You are second in suggesting it, will buy it and find some place for it (instead of Disfigure maybe).
Note: my friend have two Fatal Pushes and borrowed them to me, currently playing one instead of Disfigure and one instead of Victim of Night. But with some way to easily trigger revolt would be better, equip Lashwrithe away from 0/0 Germ is one way (fetch land is obvious, but don't own any).

Darth_Savage on Monoblack lifeFling

3 years ago

Your playing mono black so Soot Imp can be a useful anti-combo card, at the very least it eats removal and lets you play a better threat. I also think you need some better turn one plays; Bloodsoaked Champion isn't too expensive and Slitherhead can be a chump blocker that will later boost a creature for free. Against tokens you almost always want Bile Blight, don't underestimate the importance of instant speed rather than sorcery.

sadcowboy on

4 years ago

just a bunch of random ideas

~50% are actual ideas and not troll ideas.

also, the deck looks awesome!

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