Djinns are so terrible so let's give them all away. There aren't enough so i am filling the rest of the gaps in with birds tokens. Give me other terrible cards to give away.

The game-plan is to summon a bunch of permanents, including lots of terrible genies. Then swing, pass everyone's commanders to the person on their left, and have a dumb time.

I found that often I don't have enough djinn to swing in with, so I have supplemented the deck with alternative fliers that are not necessarily creatures.

Blinkmoth Nexus, Faerie Conclave, and Genju of the Falls can all turn into fliers when you want them to, and protect themselves most of the time as a land. Dovescape is actually the MVP of the deck as it stops our opponents from not playing creatures and turns all of our spells into birds, which we need to fuel Inniaz, the Gale Force's ability.

EDIT: Seems to be backfiring on me as my opponents can then have tons of fliers to block my attacks. Might ditch for another land.

I wish wizards printed djinns that didn't cost GOD-DARNED MANA OR WEREN'T ALL MONO BLUE OR DID ANYTHING AT ALL.

Stratus Dancer is the best djinn in the deck because you can cast it for . DON'T cast it for it's morph cost. We already have so many expensive djinns, we don't need to go paying more for a thinly disguised counterspell. On the early turns just cast djinns for cheap and swing.

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