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This deck is built around Serra the Benevolent and showcasing her abilities. The deck primarily uses creatures with Flying to get value from Serra's +2; but I also wanted to utilize Flash with relevant effects to keep the opponent off balance and to try to keep as much mana open as possible for interaction while still applying pressure with creatures.


Excellent array of removal and great sideboard hate cards.

The premier color for Countermagic and great card advantage/economy.

Gives access to Burn spells which are versitile for either more removal or being a clock. "End of turn: Bolt Snap Bolt" followed by an attack can bring the opponents life total down by 8 seemingly out of nowhere. This color also enables interaction with opponents lands.


Initially this was intended to be more of a Tempo styled deck and had more creatures but these creatures remain in the decklist because they give great value for maintaining control over the game as well as introducing my own bodies to attack/block with.

  • Snapcaster Mage: This helps in the war of attrition going into the late game by getting value from spells in the graveyard.

  • Mantis Rider: This s just a beatstick for applying pressure; its colouring allows for being pitch fodder for March of Otherworldly Light/Force of Negation/Subtlety. For awhile I was running Spell Queller but I found when it would get removed I would just become overwhelmed; so I became frustrated with it and am trying something else.

  • Subtlety: This is the other half of Force of Negation. The ability to return a threat to the top/bottom of the opponents deck without paying any mana is amazing; or just be a flying beater.

  • Brazen Borrower: Overall just good value; bounce a permanent for then when the time is right it can be Flashed in on the opponents turn and provide a 3/1 Flyer.

  • Vendilion Clique: Target the opponent to gather info on potentially getting rid of a threat or target yourself and get rid of a dead card and hopefully draw into something more relevant. Can be Flashed in on the opponents turn and provide a 3/1 Flyer.

Noncreature Spells:


  • Celestial Colonnade: Can be both a surprise extra body to keep Serra's emblem online in a pinch; or just an outright win condition to swing in for damage. Plus I just like the subtle flavor of a secret Serra Angel on a land.

  • Raugrin Triome fetchable perfect mana in the early game and can be cycled away if needed.

  • Shocks/Fetches: Color fixing.

  • Basics: Targets to search for Blood Moon matchups.


This whole section is kinda just in flux... My local meta has a lot of established and powerful decks like Affinity, Eldrazi Tron, Burn, Ponza, Goblins, Prowess, Cascade Crashing Footfalls/Living End.... heck even Bogles show up sometimes... its really kinda all over the place but I'd say Affinity and Cascade are probably the decks to beat for the most part.

When I stop going to the LGS for long periods of time; I like to check out MTG Top 8 to see what decks are currently performing in the Modern format.

Land Hate

Artifact Hate

Graveyard Hate

  • Rest in Peace: Turn off the graveyard centric strategies... granted it makes my own Snapcaster Mage worthless it can be worth it when facing off against reanimator/delirium/delve/dredge ect. ect.

Creature Cheat Hate

Serra Lore:

Aether Hub Serra Lore


Updates Add

I MADE TOP 8! ... Out of 8 players I placed 8th; 3 rounds of best of 3 Swiss.

Round 1 Vs. Affinity 0-2: Seemed like a pretty straightforward U/W Affinity deck... Urza's Saga is one heck of a card.

Round 2 Vs. Mono White tokens 0-2: This was a deck based on a saffron olive brew utilizing Esper Sentinel with Force of Virtue and Mana Tithe.

Round 3 Vs. Eldrazi Tron 2-1: This seemed to be a pure eldrazi list.... Reality Smasher and company with Ugin planswalkers and Walking Ballista.

Granted I placed last but all my games really felt winnable; I was honestly pretty nervous for some reason and could/should have played better...heck i was frazzled trying to figure out how to use the companion app because its the first I've ever seen it before lol...But I had a blast... I was kinda caught up in just the thrill of playing in person for the first time since the original Zendikar set which apparently was over 10 years ago now!?!?!?...

Gideon of the Trials with Pact of Negation is hilarious and was amazed that I pulled that combo off in 2 different games. I was able to interact well in all my games but lacked an offensive presence and or was not able to capitalize on a momentum shift after big plays like Settle the Wreckage.... I came pretty close but just couldn't quite close games out. With this takeaway from FNM I am gonna go less for "not lose" effects and put in some more creatures with relevant effects to hopefully get that missing damage in next time.

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