Tracker's Instincts


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dark Ascension (DKA) Uncommon

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Tracker's Instincts


Reveal the top four cards of your library. Put a creature card from among them into your hand and the rest into your graveyard. Flashback 2{U}

Tracker's Instincts Discussion

Lanzo493 on Blue Green Self Mill help

6 months ago

You'll want to avoid spells that self mill and go for creatures that do it instead. Several cards do this: Satyr Wayfinder , Splinterfright , and Hedron Crab . Another good card is Tracker's Instincts because it will replace itself. You've also got Gnaw to the Bone for a lot of life. If you have a lot of money, Mesmeric Orb does a lot of work.

Gibby1167 on Stomp the Graveyard

8 months ago

legendofa Shit man you are absolutely right. I used to run Mulch and Tracker's Instincts and the latter of the two has a flash back cost with blue splash.

Update soon to come but I just scooped up Bonehoard and Nighthowler today at my LGS

Gibby1167 on Stomp the Graveyard

8 months ago

legendofa Shit man you are absolutely right. I used to run Mulch and Tracker's Instincts and the latter of the two has a flash back cost with blue splash.

Update soon to come but I just scooped up Bonehoard and Nighthowler today at my LGS

Gabichu on Grixis (mostly) Toolbox (probably)

10 months ago

I don't really see the point of Rhonas the Indomitable in this deck? You have only 10 other creatures and none of them have the 4 power required.

Sarkhan Unbroken is just there for the card and the mana? I'm sure you can find a better card that does the same with better effects or mana cost...

Tracker's Instincts. Why? You only have 11 creatures!!

The flashback costs are extremely expensive and I see what you mean by using Increasing Confusion and Artful Dodge but that's weird because I only see two Increasing Confusion's...

Have you looked at any other decks with the same ideas as this (monocolored or two colored or three colored) to get some card suggestions? I think that would be a good idea because there are a lot of cards that confuse me.

I'm new to this whole feedback thing so take this with a grain of salt but I'm just confused as to how your deck works if its based around a few things that are either really mana-expensive, contradictory with other cards or not focused on enough in your deck.

If this is a flashback deck then I would consider looking at other flashback decks for ideas. That's what this looks like to me. Good luck!

oliveoilonyaasscureshemorrhoid on Sidisi, Zombi Grill

1 year ago

Well Shamanic Revelation is good but I'd rather have Corpse Augur, Disciple of Bolas, Slithermuse, Krav, the Unredeemed, maybe Rishkar's Expertise, etc because it can over draw (which can fill the graveyard), and creatures can be reanimated again and again. Grisly Salvage, Tracker's Instincts, and Sultai Ascendancy seem like weaker cards, I'd rather want to ramp, over draw, or remove stuff. Overrun or Lord of the Accursed could be replaced with creatures like Mindshrieker, Kessig Cagebreakers, Beastmaster Ascension, Thunderfoot Baloth, maybe Overwhelming Stampede. Concordant Crossroads and Balthor the Defiled also seem like weaker cards, it will probably benefit other decks more, and BUG reanimator decks can afford to be selfish. I would also replace Splinterfright, as it could be 0/0 on curve, and isn't as strong as the golgari troll or nyx weaver.

I haven't tested this deck yet, so these suggestions might not suffice, but I hope it inspired you a bit. And I have a similar deck (Reanimator's Wet Dream: Sidisi Edition), so checking that out might also help your deck stronger.

Hope this helps

xyr0s on Wreath of Splinterfrights

1 year ago

2 Elvish Mystics is the same as none, I think. It's the kind of creature you bring 4 (or 8) of, because you really want to draw them on your opening hand, and their value drops fast after that.

Explore is an ok card, but with your low land count, you don't necessarily get anything out of it. Paying 2 mana to cycle a card isn't really a good deal.

It's not going to be easy for you to enable Jace's Phantasm. Sure, Hedron Crabs and Thought Scour can also hit your opponent, but then they don't hit you, and that means smaller wreath and Splinterfright.

Auras are pretty terrible in modern, even in a more casual meta, when played on creatures with no protective abilities. If you want to play those, you should consider something with hexproof.

Your deck is most likely going to fold to itself due to having too few creatures. In order to make Splinterfright into a 4/4, you need to drop something like 12 cards in your graveyard, and that's going to take some time. A higher number of creatures could solve that. For example, you could change Explore into Sakura-Tribe Elder (it gives you a land, and a dead body, which is also useful). Grapple with the Past could be exchanged for Tracker's Instincts... and Mana Leak for a couple of lands, and 2 Mystic Snakes.

xyr0s on

1 year ago

So many cards that would fit this deck. But Evolutionary Leap could be really good, and a single copy of Ojutai's Command would also give you more options.

Are you sure Eldrazi Displacer is a 4-of? Not because it isn't good, since it's a perfect fit on theme, but since the second copy you find is redundant. Maybe a copy of Tracker's Instincts instead of one of them, so you can find the cards you want to play (that one is even card advantage, when you get to use the flashback).

Restoration Angel isn't as pricey as it used to be, so maybe that's something. It would be good for this deck to have something with more than 3 toughness/Lightning Bolt immunity.

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