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Lands of Commander

Commander / EDH*


Alliance Lands (6)

Artifact Lands (6)

Battle(tango) Lands (5)

Big Mana Lands (11)

Bounce Lands (15)

Check Lands (10)

Cycle Lands (22)

Depletion Lands (12)

Fast Lands (10)

Fetch Lands (29)

Filter Lands (17)

Fixer Lands (20)

Flash Lands (2)

Guildgates (10)

Guildhalls (10)

Hideaway (5)

Ixalan-Flip Lands (14)

Legendary (35)

Life Gain Tap Lands (15)

Man Lands (40)

Memorial Lands (5)

Original Dual Lands (10)

Pain Lands (10)

Recursion Lands (4)

Sac Lands (11)

Scry Lands (13)

Shadow(Show) Lands (5)

Shock Lands (10)

Storage Lands (16)

Strip Lands (6)

Tri-Lands (10)

Tri-color Bounce Lands (5)

Tribal Lands (28)

Utility Lands (51)



A list of Lands legal in the Commander/EDH format.

Whether you're a beginner just getting into the format, or are a seasoned veteran who has been playing for years, this list should prove helpful.

Note: Lands that are currently banned in commander have been omitted from the list (e.g. Tolarian Academy, Library of Alexandria, etc.) This list is still a work in progress, If you can think anything that needs to be added, please feel free to comment.

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For those of you (like myself) who also like to choose your basic lands by favorite artist/artwork, I have included a visual list of basic lands from throughout magics history below. Enjoy :)

(Please note that I am not the one who constructed the basic land list below, I am merely sharing it for all to use and enjoy)



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