Orchard Warden


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Morningtide Uncommon

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Orchard Warden

Creature — Treefolk Shaman

Whenever another Treefolk creature enters the battlefield under your control, you may gain life equal to that creature's toughness.

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Orchard Warden Discussion

Icbrgr on Trees.... why did it have to be trees...

3 weeks ago

Thanks Snap157! I honestly never TRIED Sapling of Colfenor I just simply chose Orchard Warden instead when i was building the deck; but its seems life a fair suggestion to playtest.

The7thBobba on

3 months ago

looks good so far dude :)off the top of my head, I'd add Dungrove Elder because of the massive ramp we've got going. Dauntless Dourbark because DAMN! Everbark Shaman because we ain't using the GY and DAT RAMP! Lignify for ultimate tribal trolling! Orchard Warden for insane lifegain. Rootgrapple for removal and drawpower in one spell. Treefolk Harbinger because TUTOR! and Ulvenwald Observer for more drawpower! Stay frosty dude!

Eiti3 on Doran strats: Defense is the best attack

5 months ago

With your Treefolk theme, have you considered Conspiracy?

  • Black Poplar Shaman: Can now regenerate any creature.
  • Bosk Banneret: Every creature now costs 1 less.
  • Treefolk Harbinger: Search for any creature.
  • Unstoppable Ash (In your maybeboard): Champion any creature.

  • If you decide to go this Treefolk route even further with Conspiracy, you could add cards like:

  • Dauntless Dourbark: Basically gets +1/+1 for every Forest and every Creature you control. Has Trample so long as you have another Treefolk.
  • Orchard Warden: Gain life from every creature. This could allow you to do some cool synergies with cards like Unspeakable Symbol.
  • Timber Protector: Who needs Avacyn when you have this guy?

  • I know those last three were already suggested, but maybe could be looked over again with Conspiracy added into the mix. Just a few ideas.

    Liquidbeaver on Conifarious

    6 months ago

    That is a valid point, and you explained it very well. If I really break it down, in order for the combo to not put me in a risky situation I have to have the following IN PLAY ALREADY:

    Timber Protector + Life and Limb + Dark Heart of the Wood + (1 of 3 sources of saprolings) + (saprolings themselves)

    If I don't do all of that, all the forests I turned into Saprolings, as well as the Saprolings that are now forests, are vulnerable to any creature wrath effects at just 1 damage (something only the Timber Protector can protect me against). It would take at minimum 18 mana to cast it all and have ONE saproling to sac for 3 health. That is horrendous.

    Your explanation of health as a resource makes a lot of sense, I was turning into Smeagol any time losing even 1 came out, and it turns out I have a very consistent source for a ton of it.

    Thank you for explaining Sylvan Library. I did infact misread it and thought you HAD to take the 8 life each time. The way it actually works makes it strictly better than Mirri's Guile in my deck, and now I understand why it is a must-include with Sapling. I can negate or even heal over the lost health multiple times on that very same turn, and I actually have a ton more benefits to running the Library than we have even talked about.

    If I go through possibilities in each step:

    The scry from Sylvan Library could guarantee a creature for Leaf-Crowned Elder AND Descendants' Path during the upkeep. Two freecasted creatures. I heal for the sum of their toughness through Orchard Warden. Depending on the Treefolk this alone could negate or overheal the damage from Sylvan Library.

    Regular draw and Phyrexian Arena has gives two cards to my hand for 1 health, or 5 cards for 9 health if I chose to keep the cards through Sylvan Library

    During first mainphase I can get another heal through Orchard Warden from any casted Treefolk that comes into play (if I had them previously in my hand or if my next random draw happened to be a creature). By now it is most likely overhealing.

    During combat phase where I attack with Sapling of Colfenor, I can again heal if a Treefolk goes into my hand (random chance at Treefolk now unless Leaf-Crowned and Path are not out yet. Any combination of treefolk would make this a definite overheal by this time.

    During second main phase any new Treefolk I play will heal me again because of Orchard Warden. If I put out this many Treefolk it is guaranteed overheal by now.

    Sylvan Library can also set up the library in advance for Lurking Predators, Genesis Wave, and Garruk, Caller of Beasts.

    Treefolk Harbinger can follow up Sylvan Library during the mainphase if I had to draw both cards during the upkeep because of a lack of creatures.

    7 cards that also can all stand on their own, all work in any combination, and none of the combinations put me at any increased risk or worse boardstate. That is straight up exciting to even think about.

    This is also ties into what you said from an earlier comment where I will benefit from having as many creatures as possible to increase the likelihood that the cards I put back with Sylvan Library are creatures, but also that the next cards in line if I draw those two cards with Sylvan Library could be creatures too. Then the whole chain starts again.

    Thank you for not giving up on convincing me to run it, even though I was being stubborn. That will absolutely be a cornerstone to this deck.

    It is crazy just how much confusion can come from missing "may" in the card text.

    Tolis on Doran strats: Defense is the best attack

    6 months ago

    Pretty decent treefolk tribal. Timber Protector, Orchard Warden, Dauntless Dourbark, Seedguide Ash and Behind the Scenes are solid options for your theme!!

    Harbynger on Treefolk Tribal Ramp

    10 months ago

    Playtests went well, but I did make a couple more changes. I swapped the Rancor for Primal Rage and added in 4 Orchard Warden. I am trying to decide what to take out for the Wardens... though I may just stick with 64, because I'm pretty happy with how everything else performed. I can pull off a T5 win, but even if I don't, there are lots of decks that will have a hard time with the size of my animated forest :)

    I just keep getting wider and taller every turn.

    Sgt.Pickles on Treefolk

    1 year ago

    I really like the concept of this deck, but it just seems a bit too slow. Here's what I would change

    -2 Lumberknot (Just the weakest card in here)

    -1 Sapling of Colfenor (Good ability, but not as good as the others)

    -1 Verdeloth the Ancient (Again, good but not good enough)

    -4 Indomitable Ancients (While this guy can get you hefty lifegain and is great with Doran, he has no effect unlike other creatures. Not worth it imo)

    -1 Everbark Shaman (I can see where you're coming from with this guy but... Idk, might need more playtesting to see if he's really needed)

    -1 Paradise Mantle (I'd recommend arbor elves instead, cause you don't want to tap your powerfull treefolk)

    Now for the additions

    +3 Arbor Elf (Helps speed up the deck, works with murmuring bosk)

    +4 Fog (Gonna need some protection due to deck speed)

    +1 Bosk Banneret (helps speed up the deck as well)

    +1 Lurking Predators (That's a damn sexy card)

    +1 Orchard Warden (Kinda expensive, but synergizes so well with your methods of getting treefolk onto battlefield)