Kalonian Twingrove


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2015 Rare

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Kalonian Twingrove

Creature — Treefolk Warrior

Kalonian Twingrove's power and toughness are each equal to the number of Forests you control.

When Kalonian Twingrove enters the battlefield, put a green Treefolk Warrior creature token onto the battlefield with "This creature's power and toughness are each equal to the number of forests you control."

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Kalonian Twingrove Discussion

TCloudGaming on Treefolk Tribal Ramp

4 days ago

So i24 I've actually playtested this deck with both Kalonian Twingrove and Leaf-Crowned Elder. Kalonian Twingrove was too slow when I had it in the deck and Leaf-Crowned Elder was too inconsistent. I will say that it felt great to get a hit with it though.

i24 on Treefolk Tribal Ramp

5 days ago

Kalonian Twingrove, Leaf-Crowned Elder and Ghoultree are also great for this deck

sylvannos on First time building a ramp ...

1 week ago

@HarrisonHarry: You need more 4-ofs. I would play something like this:

4x Arbor Elf
4x Dauntless Dourbark
4x Dungrove Elder
2x Kalonian Twingrove
2x Primeval Titan
4x Sakura-Tribe Elder
4x Bosk Banneret
2x Timber Protector
3x Leaf-Crowned Elder
29 Creatures

2x Lignify
2x Harmonize
4x Utopia Sprawl
8 Other Spells

4x Blighted Woodland
2x Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx
17x Forest
23 Lands

You also may not need Arbor Elf if you don't want to use Utopia Sprawl. In that case, I'd play 4 Treefolk Harbingers and 4 Ulvenwald Trackers.

Kyton.Black on Nature's Bardic Call

2 weeks ago

Dungrove Elder is not a bad call, but I have Kalonian Twingrove which does the same thing and its like paying for two dungorves at once. Thanks for the sugest though

KongMing on Inch by Inch, Row by Row

2 weeks ago

Blanchwood Armor could be a good way to go Voltron with a creature and wreck someone. Dungrove Elder can also get huge fast with this deck, so can Kalonian Twingrove and Uktabi Wildcats.

Gaea's Touch can help you get more of your land on the battlefield fast. Horn of Greed can help you replace land you've played with more, just keep in mind that it is only land you 'play,' not 'put on the battlefield.' So it wouldn't combo directly with Gaea's Touch, but it will with any other land drops.

Azusa, Lost but Seeking can also help you play more lands in a single turn.

Genesis Wave can make your boardstate swell at almost any point in the game, but works best when used once your ramp is petering out. Patron of the Orochi also lets you untap all your Forests and green creatures once a turn (even on your opponent's turn.)

Traproot Kami has very inexpensive CMC, and can prove to be a very good blocker for you at any point in the game.

dreamistt on

1 month ago

I'd remove

Get Selvala online as soon as possible (T2):

Flavor win

Untapping Selvala/Combo

Card Advantage


Big Guns



jakefails on Noah's Arc | Trostani EDH

1 month ago

Hey Bass_f13nd! Thanks for your suggestion. I do like how Kalonian Twingrove makes a token of itself and we can abuse it with populate, but we really don't get enough of forests throughout the game for it and the token itself to get big. But it would definitely be better in a mono-green token-y deck!

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