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A smallpox deck usually needs more than 20 lands. If you have black/red fetches and shocks you could consider playing them, and then you can main Fatal Push instead of Lightning Bolt, which seems worse in the meta now because of Death Shadow decks. Burning Inquiry is great with Dream Salvage but seems like a trap card otherwise. Maybe if you play some cards that give value from the graveyard I would feel safer running Burning Inquiry. If not, then maybe Faithless Looting is safer for roughly the same effect?

July 18, 2017 3:35 a.m.

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This deck is designed to fight through creature match-ups, but has few answers to control and combo. Maybe some discard spells at least?

July 12, 2017 10:25 p.m.

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My personal opinions on your deck:

16 creatures - I would max out on Noble Hierarch. She ramps and she provides exalted triggers. I would max out on Snapcaster Mage for recursion of spells as well. I would also play one more copy of Geist of Saint Traft as he is the best creature you want your Auras and Swords on. I would drop Silverblade Paladin entirely. So, 4 Hierarch, 4 Snap, 3 Geist, 3-4 Archangel, 2-3 Rafiq.

2 swords+2 sword tutors - Good, keep.

2 Utopia Sprawl - I would drop these. Seems too random? One more Hierarch should be able to help with ramp.

2 Aether Vial - I don't think these are played in 2s. Seems to me it's all 4 or nothing. I would go for nothing here because your deck is not particularly creature-heavy. Cut.

3 Auras - Auras are always risky in the format because of removal. The only deck that really plays Auras is Bogles. You could play a couple max but only if you increase your Geist count as mentioned earlier.

8 'counterspells' and 2 sweepers - The boardwipes can stay since you should be quite weak to aggro. However, the counterspells (other than Remand) look quite random. You could go with tried and tested counters such as Spell Snare or Mana Leak etc.? Some spot removals such as Path to Exile should also be included. If you drop the 2 Vials, 2 Utopia Sprawls and 1-2 Auras, you can make space for another 5 or so spells here.

23 LandsI would drop the Temples and the Maze straight away. I don't think they cut it here. I would play more on-color fetches with an appropriate number of basics and shocks. I think a singleton Academy Ruins and a number of Celestial Colonnade (although manlands have become worse with Fatal Push) should be fine. So, 3 Misty Rainforest, 4 Flooded Strand, 3 Windswept Heath, 1 Breeding Pool, 2 Hallowed Fountain, 2 Temple Garden, 2 Plains, 1 Island, 1 Forest (as many basics as you need to cast all the spells in your deck is fine), 1 Academy Ruins, 3 Celestial Colonnades.

These are just some suggestions. More importantly, you should test the deck out against other decks in the format and you will find out what works and what doesn't!

July 9, 2017 8:40 a.m.

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11 creatures seem to be on the low side. I think the average is 12-15?

July 5, 2017 8:17 p.m.




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