Cloudcrown Oak


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Mind vs. Might (DDS) Common
Lorwyn (LRW) Common

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Cloudcrown Oak

Creature — Treefolk Warrior

Reach (This can block creatures with flying.)

Cloudcrown Oak Discussion

Algaemaster on Mushrooms grow on trees, and ...

1 year ago

Hi all!

So this is one of my first attemps to make a deck.... And I love mushrooms and wanted to make a flavourful deck that had basically mushrooms, and their environment, trees and treefolk... To be played with friends but still as mighty s possible. But I am honestly struggling to fit everything in properly.... And no clue about which spells to choose! Any feedback is welcomed. So far I got something like this:

Lands x20 Murmuring Bosk x4 Stirring Wildwood x2 Evolving Wilds x2 Krosan Verge x2 Forest x6 Plain x2 Swamp x2


Verdeloth the Ancient Unstoppable Ash Orchard Warden Leaf-Crowned Elder Treefolk Harbinger Bosk Banneret Dountless Dourbark Timber Protector Ghoultree Indomitable Ancients Great Oak Guardian/ Cloudcrown Oak

Fungi I really wasnt sure here, not sure if mushrooms would be better represented in this deck by little ones that create saprolings and that is it, or if it is more convenient to keep the good ones in... so had those ideas so far. Also wanted to keep all as mushroomy as possible.

Mycologist x1 Essential for the theme I am aiming for, was thinking of 2 of these. Thallid Shell-Dweller x2 Benefits from using toughness to power up along with treefolk? Corpsejack Menace x3 Ghave, Guru of Spores x2 Mycoloth x2

Enchantments/Spells... The same for this, trying to keep it as mushroom foresty as possible. [pGrow from the Ashes]] is very tempting for this reason... but having other fedges.... Seed Spark ? Lignify ? Saproling Symbiosis ?? Reach of Branches ?? Rootgrapple ?? Fungal Sprouting Fungal Plots Luminiscent Rain Verdant Embrace Infect Pollenbright Wings Whirlwind Was thinking of adding something like Wrath of god or something to clean up the other's cards while having the [Timber Protector] ... Thoughts? And for more multiplayer Sheltering Ancient Heartwood Storyteller Collective Voyage ??

Well, please I would appreciate any feedback. Playing 60 cards, not much restriction... Also potenetially could make it into an EDH deck? But my pals do not really have those although we could probably get into that.

The budget is around 40 bucks...

Thanks in advance.

All the best.

Pieguy396 on Big Green Monster

2 years ago

I agree; 27 lands is way too few in EDH. I generally run 37-39 plus a few pieces of ramp. I'd take out the following cards and replace them with lands:

If you like Mono- stompy, I highly recommend Omnath, Locus of Mana as your commander, as he both ramps you can grows ridiculously large with any unused mana you have.

Hope this helps! In addition, I recommend buying a preconstructed Commander deck for anywhere from $25-$50; they have some valuable cards and some pretty awesome commanders!

GeminiSpartanX on Treefolkdancing my way to competitive scene!

2 years ago

I worry that 21 lands might not be enough to cast your 5-drops consistently, even with help from your 1-2drop creatures. The games I lose with my treefolk deck are ones where I don't get enough lands. Perhaps moving a few Thorns to the SB and adding some lands could help improve the deck. The SB also could shave down on Back to Natures for more GY hate since dredge is so big right now. Rest in Peace is good against both Dredge and Living End (which would be another tough matchup for you). I don't think you need as much generic removal in your SB, since you should be good against most agro decks due to your creature's high toughness. I'd just make sure to put in some cheaper removal that can deal with Infect creatures early on, like Dismember to shore up that matchup. Cloudcrown Oaks might be better than 1-2 of the plummets since you can tutor for them using Harbingers against decks that have lots of flyers. That, or adding a number of Spidersilk Nets to block flyers and add synergy when you have Doran in play. Yay for treefolk!

brother1 on The Trees Can Speak for Themselves, Thanks

3 years ago

I love obscure tribal decks, but I feel like you could do better with some of the Treefolk - Battlewand Oak and Cloudcrown Oak, and to a lesser extent Black Poplar Shaman and Weed-Pruner Poplar, seem underwhelming. I'm not saying they're bad in a tribal deck that produces gobs of mana, but there's a couple more powerful treefolk I'd recommend putting in instead. Nemata, Grove Guardian, Ghoultree, Fendeep Summoner, Weatherseed Treefolk, and Ebony Treefolk would all be worth consideration. You could also cut some of the noncreatures to add these to increase the chances of Colfenor proccing. Finally, I really think your deck needs boardwipe of some kind - it's a necessity in Commander to have at least one or two outs in case someone is doing something more ridiculous than you are. Languish is good because it's somewhat one-sided for you, but you probably want something like Life's Finale and/or Nevinyrral's Disk as well. +1 from me!


3 years ago

Well for starters there should be an Assault Formation in this deck. You can't always count on your commander coming through for you since he is a big removal target.

Other cards you could consider are Wall of Shards, Black Oak of Odunos, Wakestone Gargoyle, Slagwurm Armor, Tower Defense, Solidarity, Shape the Sands, Jaddi Offshoot, Sylvan Caryatid, and Tree of Redemption.

Cards you could cut are as follows Cloudcrown Oak, Oakgnarl Warrior, Oaken Brawler, Weed-Pruner Poplar, Sentry Oak, Kami of Old Stone, Undying Evil, Aspect of Mongoose

Icbrgr on Treefolk

3 years ago

I also run a treefolk deck called "Trees... why did it have to be trees..." if ya wanna check it out... for flying hate and to stay in theme Raking Canopy is nice and also Cloudcrown Oak..... Wickerbough Elder is good for artifact and enchantment removal too

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