Drowner of Secrets


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Lorwyn (LRW) Uncommon

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Drowner of Secrets

Creature — Merfolk Wizard

Tap an untapped Merfolk you control: Target player puts the top card of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

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Drowner of Secrets Discussion

Suns_Champion on More combo help!

2 weeks ago

Hello again!

I'm making a Intruder Alarm combo deck in Esper colors, and I need some consistency/more combos to think about. I have a secondary part of the combo which is Stonybrook Schoolmaster. I need some free tap outlets for him.

1) most importantly, I need free token producers. Bloodline Keeper, Steward of Solidarity, and Thraben Doomsayer are the ones I've seen so far. Hopefully there are more!

2) free tap outlets for Stonybrook Schoolmaster. Examples: Hermetic Study, Psionic Gift, Drowner of Secrets or Azami, Lady of Scrolls. I'd prefer damage like the first two, but mana, card draw, mill, more creatures, etc, all work too!

I'm also trying to find a Impact Tremors in Esper but am having trouble.

Thanks in advance!

Wolfebladeelite on Merfolk

1 month ago

Drowner of Secrets + Intruder Alarm + Stonybrook Schoolmaster makes infinite mill and infinite merfolk tokens, if Judge of Currents is in play you get infinite life. ( Mothdust Changeling can be used in place of Drowner of Secrets for infinite tapping if need be.) Merrow Reejerey can untap Azorius Chancery for extra mana when a merfolk is played, even the same turn you play the chancery.

PyreCracker on Don't Make Me Swim Over There!

2 months ago

I second Intruder Alarm, it enables a lot cool combos, for example:

Behold! Stonybrook Schoolmaster Add a Tap outlet and:

  1. Drowner of Secrets, mill everyone!

  2. Azami, Lady of Scrolls, draw everything!

  3. Paradise Mantle on the Schoolmaster, gain infinite Mana!

  4. Pump Wake Thrasher into Oblivion!

How to find Intruder Alarm consistently you ask? Easy! Every black tutor, every white enchantment tutor, and Drift of Phantasms.

dreamistt on Mah Merfolk Tribal

6 months ago

Remove Spreading Seas, Always Watching ,Aquitect's Will and Burnished Hart.

Trade your Fumigate for a Dusk or Fell the Mighty or Retribution of the Meek or Solar Tide.

Drowner of Secrets + Intruder Alarm + Stonybrook Schoolmaster is a combo you could consider. Altar of the Brood also fits in.By using Merrow Reejerey to untap an Azorius Chancery you can achieve infinite mana through a Cloudstone Curio if you have 2 merfolks with cmc = 1 (or cost reducing), so you might want to consider Kefnet's Monument and Sapphire Medallion.Cloudstone Curio would also work for infinite tokens and even infinite mana if you use +Paradox Engine untaps your merfolk and mana rocks whenever you cast a spell. Spell Burst can lock everyone if you manage to generate in mana rocks/creatures, for instance.

+High Tide doubles up your mana for a turn

+Scourge of Fleets


Maybe Blustersquall, maybe Breaking Wave, maybe Faces of the Past (this one combos with Schoolmaster + Altar of Dementia/Blasting Station).

Maybe Retreat to Coralhelm + Walking Atlas + Oboro Breezecaller (infinite mana with a land that taps for 2 mana or simply infinite landfall for Altar of the Brood)

Maybe consider Blue Sun's Zenith since with infinite mana you can draw every card of your deck or force someone to deck out.

Maybe Winter Orb since your average CMC is so low and you'll have ways of untapping stuff (it'll lock everyone else out)

brokendwarf on fish for dinner

7 months ago

Drowner of Secrets + Stonybrook Schoolmaster + Intruder Alarm + Judge of Currents = infinite mill/tokens/life.

Use Drowner of Secrets to tap Stonybrook Schoolmaster to make your opponent mill 1. Schoolmaster will create a Merfolk token from being tapped, triggering Intruder Alarm to untap all your creatures. Repeat.

Stonybrook Schoolmaster + Freed from the Real or Intruder Alarm + Paradise Mantle + Judge of Currents = infinite tokens/life.

Tap Stonybrook Schoolmaster equipped with Paradise Mantle to make 1 mana. Schoolmaster will make a token, triggering Intruder Alarm to untap all your creatures, or use the 1 to untap Schoolmaster with Freed from the Real. Repeat the tapping process.

slaftergames on Secrets of the Deep (Merfolk Wizard Tribal Mill)

9 months ago

Wow, that's a crazy meta. Can't say I have any opponents who run more than sixty cards in a deck, but if I had very many I'd probably abandon mill as a strategy. The nice thing though about this deck is that there aren't any creatures that are just hanging out, as long as I have a Drowner of Secrets available (or a Hair-Strung Koto, in removal-heavy contests). That way I can mobilize every available merfolk.

Against creature aggro the deck performs pretty well. The Judge of Currents and my tokens can roll the tide back pretty quickly, so that even if I get hit hard during the first turn or two or three I can usually recoup my losses. Against removal-heavy aggro like burn, it's much more difficult to come out on top, and that's principally a budget issue right now. Bringing Sygg, River Guide and the Koto in from the sideboard helps, but they're both pretty slow because of the amount of many required to activate the former's ability and to cast the latter in the first place, so it's not a flawless solution by any means.

Thanks for your thoughts!

ksbaker1989 on Pattern Recognition #14 - Formats

10 months ago

The Brother's War? As in Raistlin and Caramon? Can't think of any other reason for the name since the depletion of the ecosystem analogy fits so well.

And the guy from my old group taught us the rules for general all wrong. He said the general could attack both captains from turn one but could not get attacked until one of his own captains fell. It worked in my favor most often though, the previous version of my merfolk deck was no longer allowed to be general cause I usually told my captains to defend while I built my tokens up for Drowner of Secrets.

Our table games were pretty fun, though. We often did 3 or 4 headed giants with 60 life. Odd that we never did EDH and I haven't found a new group to play with yet. My LGS plays on days where I'm at work.

Might I reccomend an article on how every color will feature with each new set a variation of some type of ultimate creature/spell/ability but tied with the current theme/mechanics of the new set? For example, somewhere in blue they always manage to include one or more whale, leviathon, kraken, etc., a clone ability, a mind control ability and a wincon. Black will always have a demon, white an angel. I'm curious to find out how far back this goes and the reasoning for it specifically.

ksbaker1989 on Sailorman's Hymn

10 months ago

Got rid of all illegal cards except for Reef Shaman cause again, no good replacements yet. Overall it plays the same, and I've managed to remove some redundancy. I think I can remove Commerce and Banneret as well. I no longer use Drowner of Secrets, Summon the School or Lullmage Mentor so by the time I tap creatures on my turn I'll be going for the kill, and I have removed enough of the expensive cards plus all the land I'll likely draw means I may not need to make my merfolk any cheaper.

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