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This is my attempt to build the fastest $5 deck possible. All of the creatures - Blistercoil Weird , Kiln Fiend , and Immolating Souleater - represent potential turn 3 wins. Built to Smash and Titan's Strength buff, Apostle's Blessing and Crash Through get damage through, and Assault Strobe and Double Cleave give you double strike. Thud gives you additional reach after combat to finish the game off fast. Here are just a few of the ways to win on turn 3:

Cheap upgrades would include Monastery Swiftspear for Blistercoil Weird and Temur Battle Rage for Double Cleave. You can also speed things up even more by adding ramp cards like Simian Spirit Guide and zero-cost spells like Mutagenic Growth . Also note that you can make this deck pauper legal by substituting Fling for Thud and Fire Urchin for Blistercoil Weird .

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