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You're a Mean One, Mister Grinch

Commander / EDH Burn Group Slug Mono-Red


A very straightforward Heartless Hidetsugu deck that aims to deal as much damage as fast as possible, and more of it to your opponents than to yourself.

Vance's Blasting Cannons, Valakut Exploration, and the Chandra planeswalkers can help make up for red's lack of card draw. Pingers are there to ping either an opponent or yourself if you have Hidetsugu and a damage doubler ready to go, and you need to control who has an odd/even life total.

The main way for this deck to win is to get Hidetsugu out along with a damage doubler and crush the whole table at once. Alternately, Hidetsugu can bring down opponents life totals half at a time, and then you can burn them with direct damage spells. Casting Hidetsugu early is key, and so is protecting him. He is an obvious target for removal, and if he can't stay on the field, this deck falls back on other burn effects and damage doubling.

This is probably my favorite EDH deck I own. Everyone expects it to be pure burn, but there's a bit more going on here than just that. This deck plays a different game each time, and while it may slip under people's radar the fist time it is played, it definitely has a target on it for the rest of the night.


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