Path to Exile and Lightning Bolt are class A removal, but what if, in the right circumstance an alternative was better... Hello metalcraft with Dispatch and Galvanic Blast... From there I looked at cherio, affinity and mill lists and well, this deck idea was born...

Win via:

Creature: Goblin Gaveleer or Monastery Mentor

Combo: Grapeshot + Leave

Also knowing to mulligan if I don't have 1 of my creatures in the opening hand, be it card draw or beater...

Comments or +1's appreciated.


Yes, I should be running Mox Opal, but I don't have any and my funds won't quite go that far. I'm using Lotus Bloom instead and toying with Simian Spirit Guide or maybe Springleaf Drum if I use token generators...

No, I don't want to run a card with a higher converted mana cost than 3, unless there is a synergistic cost reduction for it. Unless it's a Hellkite Tyrant which can help win with damage or alt-win...

Yes, I only have 15 land, the deck has a low curve (24 free spells) so can get away with less land and Paradise Mantle and Lotus Bloom help with mana.


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With Leave / Chance being a thing I decided to revisit this deck, switching out any blue and adding in Hellkite Tyrant and Monastery Mentor one gives an alternative combo and the other can go wide...



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+1 Valduk, Keeper of the Flame maybe
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