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Modern Golgari Elves

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This is my Golgari Elf deck that I use for Modern Mondays or FNM. It is a slightly budget version of the all out deck for the time being. Unclaimed Territory instead of Cavern of Souls. Genesis Wave and Lead the Stampede instead of Chord of Calling and Collected Company for now.

In the future I would love to get Chord of Calling, Collected Company, and Craterhoof Behemoth.

Game Plan:

  1. Play a mana dork.
  2. Play Nettle Sentinel, then Heritage Druid, then tap elves with Heritage Druid into Elvish Archdruid.
  3. Do something with all that mana, Genesis Wave, Ezuri, Renegade Leader, or Joraga Warcaller.
  4. Swing tall and wide or cast some Shaman of the Pack and win.

Sideboard Explanation:

  1. Choke for shutting down anyone playing blue.
  2. Damping Sphere for Tron or Storm decks.
  3. Golgari Charm for utility and surviving wipes.
  4. Reclamation Sage for Affinity or Boggles.
  5. Skylasher for someone running some counter spells.
  6. Tormod's Crypt for some Dredge or graveyard hate in general.

Comments, suggestions, or upvotes are welcome!

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