Mourning Thrull

Mourning Thrull

Creature — Thrull


Whenever Mourning Thrull deals damage, you gain that much life.

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Mourning Thrull Discussion

Apollo_Paladin on A sweet ass B/W deck

7 months ago

I, for one, would update this deck's Format to Legacy. I don't see a single Vintage-only card in this build, and I think it's safe to say it wouldn't stand a chance against a genuinely competitive Vintage build (really, Vintage isn't really played outside of special events/playgroups anymore).

Anytime I click on a Vintage build, I expect to see a lot of the Restricted list Vintage-Legal cards like Black Lotus , Sol Ring , Strip Mine , etc.

That said, I like the theme, it reminds me of a winning Pauper build I did for Friday Night Magics back when they were still a big thing (pre-Covid). It's so strong (using the exact same Nip Gwyllion / Edge of the Divinity combo) that it's actually stood up against some non-Pauper builds even; you can give it a look if you want: Sick Pauper Divinity Rush.

One key thing I'd look at in my build is Nightsky Mimic & Mourning Thrull , who along the same lines as Nip Gwyllion, combo amazingly with Edge of the Divinity.

TheVectornaut on A sweet ass B/W deck

7 months ago

Hero of Precinct One and Tome of the Guildpact are some decent cards that care about multicolored without being so themselves. Orzhov picks could be Pillar of the Paruns , Beckon Apparition , Blood Baron of Vizkopa , Nightsky Mimic , Kaya's Guile , Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim , Karlov of the Ghost Council , Resolute Rider , Seraph of the Scales , or Vizkopa Guildmage . I tried to pick card suggestions that fit in with either the multicolored or the lifegain plans. Popular inclusions in more tempo or aggro focused Mimic/Divinity builds include Castigate , Orzhov Charm , Mourning Thrull , Cartel Aristocrat , Sin Collector , and Gift of Orzhova . Combine the two and you might get some value out of a shell of Ajani's Pridemate , Heliod, Sun-Crowned , Light of Promise , Wall of Limbs , and Archangel of Thune .

Anyway, now that I've probably named every black and white card ever printed, do let me know if you have questions. Good luck!

Zackary on B/W Pauper Soul Sisters Lifegain

1 year ago

i would take out Lone Missionary for Veteran Armorer or Lumithread Field to protect your creatures form Electrickery . Cut a Mourning Thrull , a Soul Warden OR a Soul's Attendant and a Plains for 3x Night's Whisper , you are going to need the card draw. Replace the Castigate with Harsh Sustenance or Unmake.


Take out Shadowfeed and put in Beckon Apparition , i think it will synergies with with the soul sisters and Edge of the Divinity by giving you a white/black creature token. take out Nihil Spellbomb for Relic of Progenitus , trade out the Swamp in the sideboard for a Bojuka Bog or 2x by taking out 1x Bonesplitter . Replace the Castigate and Disenchant with 3x Standard Bearer.


Crimson Acolyte , Obsidian Acolyte , Prismatic Strands , Battle Screech , Rune of Protection: Red , Rune of Protection: Green , Epicure of Blood , Oblivion Ring

sorry about the last post with no hyperlinks to the card names. i am new

DemonDragonJ on Light and Shadow

1 year ago

Funkydiscogod, I actually used to have Nightsky Mimic in this deck, but I replaced it with Mourning Thrull, since the thrull always has flying.

Agrothorn on Light and Shadow

1 year ago

Cool deck so far! I always wanted to build a fun B/W deck with life gain tricks.

This deck is made for Edge of the Divinity. I just did a playtest and had a 7/7 Mourning Thrull swining on turn 3 lol. I think you can consdier dropping Gift of Orzhova. Most of your creatures have flying or lifelink so it becomes redundant.

I think your deck may need some card draw. Phyrexian Arena should fit given you have so many ways to gain life. I'm mixed with Vizkopa Guildmage. Second ability is cool, but not sure how much damange it will translate to. Gets silly if you can activate it twice. What are your thoughts on Tidehollow Sculler?

Although I am a big fan of Vampire Nighthawk, I feel you will have more synergies with your other cards if you dropped it for a creature with both BW in mana cost.

Athreos, God of Passage is great, but a little expensive.

Maybe you can try to fit one of Abhorrent Overlord. Can be a crazy combo with Deathbringer Liege on the board!

Apollo_Paladin on

2 years ago

Nip Gwyllion combos extremely well with Edge of the Divinity . Mine isn't a Pauper build, but I run both of those in my B/W Vampire deck and I've found his strength to match quite well with my uncommon/rare options. He's a great turn 1 drop.

Mourning Thrull is another good common option to consider that I run along with Edge.

Tithe Drinker could be another good choice, as his ability is significantly cheaper and more useful than Acolyte of Xathrid . Seems like a pretty decent Pauper build tho all in all - kudos! +1

Piglord98 on Deathbringer's House of Kill

3 years ago

I know you are probably sick of suggestions but I recommend adding 2 Karlov of the Ghost Council and here is why, your deck seems that it has no response for indestructible creatures with Karlov of the Ghost Council you would especially since you have Nip Gwyllion and Mourning Thrull. as far as what to take out I think 2 Necrotic Sliver would be a good idea its up to you though.

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