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This deck has been doing pretty well in the playtesting stages ~ FEEDBACK APPRECIATED (I am new to Pauper Format)!

The main theme of the deck involves utilizing Edge of the Divinity on nasty Black/White dual creatures (particularly those with Lifelink-type abilities such as Nip Gwyllion and Mourning Thrull). It also includes as many dual Black/White cards as could reasonably fit, in order to keep triggering Nightsky Mimic as often as possible.


Nip Gwyllion + Edge of the Divinity in starting hand = 4/4 Lifelink swinging Turn 2.

Nightsky Mimic + Edge of the Divinity in starting hand = 7/7 Flying (for one turn) swinging Turn 3

The only real constraint on the deck is that I've decided to try not using black mana-gain spells like Dark Ritual as part of a collective playgroup agreement/condition. (We're a small group and at one point had 80% of Pauper Decks running very similar builds, all powered off of Black mana-gain. YAWN.)

Extort costs on Tithe Drinker and Kingpin's Pet really help the efficiency of the deck along in terms of being able to use up all available mana each turn.

Suggestions are certainly welcome (Again, I'm somewhat new to Pauper format)


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