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Dragonbreaker | Sarkhan Temur Oathbreaker

Oathbreaker Dragons RUG (Temur)


Sarkhan and lots of dragon bros.

-8 Sarkhan Unbroken and bring out Scourge of Valkas and a bunch of other dragons to win on the spot.

Or -8 Sarkhan Unbroken with Warstorm Surge active to win on the spot.

Or just play a bunch of dragons from your hand, and win that way instead!

Possible signature spell options (undecided):

Swan Song

Plasm Capture


Wrap in Vigor

Please leave suggestions below! This is my first Oathbreaker brew -- I was simply inspired to see what this deck would look like, and I'm curious if it would be any good! Is 18 dragons too few? Should I include more non-dragon creatures like Prime Speaker Vannifar and Prime Speaker Zegana ?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks for stopping by. :)


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