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Alesha, the Natural Warrior (ONLY $50!)

Tiny Leaders Aggro Budget Competitive RBW (Mardu)


Alesha's Mardu Warriors

When Alesha was khan, the Mardu was a place for true warriors, and with their fearless commander they were unstoppable. This deck embodies the strength and spirit of Alesha and the Mardu. It is intended to be a Competitive Warrior Tribal Tiny Leaders deck and I need YOUR help to make this happen!

Costs $50 with sideboard and without basic lands on TCGplayer as of 8/5/2015!

Your Army

Why Alesha Warrior Tribal?

The reasons I decided to build an Alesha Warrior Tribal deck as my Tiny Leaders deck are as follow:


One of the main combos in this deck revolves around Herald of Dromoka , Chief of the Edge , Chief of the Scale , Archetype of Aggression, and Blood-Chin Rager buffing your creatures.

The other is using Alesha, Who Smiles at Death and Dutiful Attendant to bring your creatures back. Alesha, Who Smiles at Death can bring back every creature in this deck EXCEPT Archetype of Aggression and Chief of the Edge , however Dutiful Attendant can bring them back and he is a valid target for Alesha.

Goblin Rabblemaster + Mardu Ascendancy makes Goblin Rabblemaster a monster on the board.

Alesha, Who Smiles at Death + Mardu Hordechief also puts a 1/1 Warrior token onto the field.

Upgrades if you are willing to spend more money

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-1 Boros Charm maybe
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