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Lantern Kami Discussion

K_test on Drogskol, Spirits..

1 month ago

We've been busy and after one or two comments I've dropped the 4 Lantern Kami s and replaced them with Doomed Traveler lets see how this tweak works out..

Dmagic on The House on Haunted Hill - V 2.0 (Need Help!)

9 months ago

Yes, Beckon Apparition is better than Lantern Kami . In addition to instant speed, I can still exile a card from the opponent's graveyard. Good

No no, no Gallows Warden ! Why should I use it if I already have Favorable Winds and Drogskol Captain ?

Doomed Traveler is interesting, since I have no 1 drop creatures.

Defang goes to the sideboard. One of my friends uses beast deck, and they are 11/11, 12/12 sometimes. It will be interesting.

I have some doubts about Latch Seeker . He is cool, but its toughness is so weak ... I don't know if it really pays off.

ginko2580 on The House on Haunted Hill - V 2.0 (Need Help!)

9 months ago

:) ...I love Lingering Souls ... I miss Lingering Souls in Standard...... :(I thought it was worth me "Insisting you to try it" ... and plus, you have opened up other Black Mana possibilities...

Beckon Apparition ... Instant Speed Creature... Exile ANY card (your graveyard or his) .... It can be White or Black Mana .... I kinda like this card.... :)

Lantern Kami ... a 1/1 flyer...

As I write this, I find my old spirit deck, I did not know I still had it.....

No order.... all good...

Gallows Warden .... nice

Doomed Traveler .... Awesome card!!!

Hollowhenge Spirit ... 1-2 Max

Favorable Winds ... nice

Defang ... you might have trouble against trample... This will help... sideboard??

Latch Seeker .... Unblockable... do i need say more? :)

Dmagic on The House on Haunted Hill - V 2.0 (Need Help!)

9 months ago

ginko2580 I really liked this card.

I was thinking of moving to 4 the number of Lingering Souls . 4x Caves of Koilos too. Or any other cheap dual land.

And Beckon Apparition looks pretty cool, but instead, is no better Lantern Kami ?

What do you think?

sylvannos on

1 year ago

August 7th. 2013 Changelog

Cube has now been updated to include Dragon's Maze, Modern Masters, and M14.

Arcane Teachings , Augur of Bolas , Blind Hunter , Bloodfray Giant , Cauldron Haze , Cavalry Master , Concordant Crossroads , Concordia Pegasus , Commune with Nature , Cowed by Wisdom , Curse of Exhaustion , Curiosity , Deathcult Rogue , Dead Weight , Devoted Retainer , Duty-Bound Dead , Dynacharge , Elvish Visionary , Eyes in the Skies , Farhaven Elf , Feebleness , Firewild Borderpost , Fieldmist Borderpost , Fog of Gnats , Forbidden Alchemy , Frenzied Tilling , Fume Spitter , Gaze of the Gorgon , Gelectrode , Gilt-Leaf Ambush , Glistener Elf , Goblin Legionnaire , Goblin Taskmaster , Hands of Binding , Horned Helm , Hunting Moa , Ichorclaw Myr , Kathari Screecher , Knight of Sursi , Kraken Hatchling , Lantern Kami , Lavamancer's Skill , Martial Glory , Mistvein Borderpost , Mourning Thrull , Riot Spikes , Scar , Schismotivate , Seal of Fire , Shielding Plax , Siege Wurm , Skarrgan Pit-Skulk , Slime Molding , Spark Spray , Spectral Flight , Splatter Thug , Soul Tithe , Steadfast Guard , Stormbound Geist , Sundering Growth , Teleportal , Tormented Soul , Trinket Mage , Vessel of Endless Rest , Vitality Charm , Wasteland Viper , Wildfield Borderpost , Wildslayer Elves , Winged Coatl , Young Wolf


Test of Faith , Avian Changeling , Degavolver , Ageless Sentinels , Loam Lion , Cenn's Enlistment , Bound in Silence , Feudkiller's Verdict , Pallid Mycoderm , Exile , Warden of Evos Isle , Skaab Ruinator , Fowl Play , Cetavolver , Polymorph , Cackling Counterpart , Etherium Sculptor , Headless Skaab , Ray of Command , Necravolver , Blood Scrivener , Unliving Psychopath , Gravecrawler , Dread Slaver , Unbreathing Horde , Diregraf Ghoul , Geralf's Messenger , Dread Return , Ashes to Ashes , Wicked Pact , Stitch Together , Pursuit of Flight , Lightning Crafter , Goblin Tutor , Rakavolver , Stingscourger , Kird Ape , Brute Force , Young Pyromancer , Ryusei, the Falling Star , Flame Slash , Sporesower Thallid , Sporoloth Ancient , Elvish Archdruid , Thallid Shell-Dweller , Thallid Germinator , Skyshroud Ranger , Ghoultree , Acidic Slime , Anavolver , Elvish Mystic , Wild Nacatl , Moldervine Cloak , Masked Admirers , Kalonian Tusker , Thallid , Nature's Will , Druidic Satchel , Obelisk of Grixis , Brass Man , Giant Fan , Guardian of the Ages , Aven Mimeomancer , Spike Jester , Terminate , Shambling Remains , Woodlot Crawler , Undermine , Cold-Eyed Selkie , AEther Mutation , Loxodon Hierarch , Unflinching Courage , Zhur-Taa Druid , Bloodbraid Elf , Tithe Drinker , Death Grasp , Zealous Persecution , Dragonshift , Nivix Cyclops , Blast of Genius , Varolz, the Scar-Striped , Lotleth Troll , Protect / Serve , Turn / Burn , Give / Take , Wear / Tear , Alive / Well , Down / Dirty , Spite/Malice , Pain/Suffering , Armed / Dangerous , Toil / Trouble , Gemstone Mine , Zoetic Cavern

GoTeamJosh on Whine and Spirits

1 year ago

Well, I take that back. Lantern Kami and Dreamcatcher are okay as well.

TheLameSauce on Spirited Away

1 year ago

If the tokens from Spiritual Visit flew, I'd be more than happy to replace the Lantern Kami s with them, but I think flying is better in this case than instant speed.

ApocryphalSaint on Kindred Spirits' Control

1 year ago

So Im in agreement with Demarge however I'll be a bit more specific ;). First off what you stated on this thread and what you wrote on your Deck description are contradictory. When you build competitive (even semi-competitive) you need to spend money. Its a fact despite how much you may not like it. Now Geist of Saint Traft needs to be in this deck. It just NEEDS to be for a U/W spirit. i understand a four set is too much but even just 2 with rack you up way more wins than Im guessing it would currently get and if you play alot I promise you it will be worth it. I think you could get away without pain lands since it is only a dual color otherwise you would need those too. Now I would maybe think about Latch Seeker or try and abuse your Call to the Kindred with some different spirits than Drogskol Reaver ... -3Cackling Counterpart +1 Distortion Strike +2 Lantern Kami -1 Drogskol Reaver Its just too big. +1 Mana Leak . and maybe think about some different Spirits. . . you have like 150 you can choose from. suggestions Azorius Herald , Celestial Crusader , Godhead of Awe would have to change your deck idea for this one, Kira, Great Glass-Spinner maybe if you cant do Geist do this one Shape Stealer , Sovereigns of Lost Alara fits really well with your deck. Idk. to be honest without a 4 set of Geist and running Spirit token type decks to try and be competitive will be hard. just rememebr your running blue. . . so try and focus and STREAMLINING teh combo you and and every other card make it control and defense. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.04 $0.14 $0.7 $0.44
Power / Toughness 1/1
Color(s) White
Cost W
Converted cost 1
Avg. draft pick 6.59
Avg. cube pick 1.60


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Champions of Kamigawa Common


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