Lantern Kami


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Champions of Kamigawa Common

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Lantern Kami

Creature — Spirit


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Lantern Kami Discussion

Snacrifice on Mono-white simple deck

6 months ago

You might want to switch Dromoka warrior for Accorder Paladin because it doesn't do anything beyond being a creature. I would definitely put a Hero of Iroas in there since you're aura focused. If you have tons of money to burn Kor Spiritdancer is bananas but also costs like 8 bucks a pop.

You could also sub in Tallowisp, Kami of False Hope, Lantern Kami, and Topplegeist instead of the sanctifier, warrior, vanguard, and suture priest. You'd lose the life gain but you'd get a creature with evasion, a thing to search out auras, and a fog effect on a stick.

Arrest is always good too, as it prevents abilities from being triggered.

PT01Knight on

10 months ago

There's Lantern Kami which is a good one drop creature, or there's also Spiritual Visit.

Yeti_Confetti on Odric Lunarch of the Lions (Budget) SUB 20$

11 months ago

Maybe Isamaru, Hound of Konda, Hopeful Eidolon, Lantern Kami, Mother of Runes, Soul Warden are some cards you may want to consider. I haven't checked if they're all Modern legal, but I hope these are some cards you think are neat. +1 from me, friend.

Zerpha on Tallowhacking

1 year ago

@Zaueski: Thanks for the comment!

It definitely does fit in here - in fact, I already pre-ordered a playset of Rattlechains and put them into my deck. I have yet to update the list here. It's a nice aggressive beater with evasion that can be enchanted with some auras when taking the risky route. And more importantly, he works very nicely with both Kami of False Hope + Rattlechains for a surprise Holy Day as well as Rattlechains + Topplegeist (which can replace the previous Lantern Kami), or to trigger a surprise EoT aura tutor with Tallowisp.

Not a fan of Ordeal of Heliod + Sunbond , as this deck has barely any lifegain and so Sunbond would often be a dead card.
Likewise, even if I manage to get both auras on a creature, I wouldn't have means to gain life to trigger Sunbond and in turn the ordeal when attacking, so I'll also have to keep the ordeal across three turns to gather the counters in order to bank in on the combo.
Sunbond is also quite expensive. My other four mana spells do considerably more, usually right the moment they are cast, so unless I come up with a whole different decklist based around lifegain, neither of these will be a choice I'm afraid.
Also, regarding two-aura-combos that are fetchable with Tallowisp, Arcanum Wings + Eldrazi Conscription makes for a cheaper and faster finisher. Admittedly though, Eldrazi Conscription is even more of a dead card without Arcanum Wings, as Sunbond could at least be put to use with Shining Shoal :P

Korlus on Drogskol Winds

1 year ago

Topplegeist is a strict upgrade to Lantern Kami and is invaluable in a deck that wants to trigger Tallowisp cheaply, and uses anthem effects & auras to buff its creatures.

I am on the fence about Rattlechains. Obviously, it's very good, but I don't know how good yet. The potential is very high, so I would probably try it out. The two auras I would remove to run it as a two-of are likely one Temporal Isolation and Hyena Umbra.

I would probably drop one Dungeon Geists and the three Stormbound Geist for four Bygone Bishop. One of the problems we have is against early aggression and a three drop that can't block is not where you want to be in a lot of match-ups.

I haven't gone over the numbers incredibly thoroughly yet, but those are the changes that first jumped to mind when I saw the new set spoilers.

Korlus on Blue/White, Evo, Spirit

1 year ago

Some comments:

  • Rogue's Passage is not great in a deck with so much flying. It's only really good with Geist of Saint Traft, who is a two-of.
  • Azorius Chancery is best in slow control decks and decks that don't mind mising their land drops. You have very few reactive plays and so want to be playing pro-actively. It's a sub-optimal card, because it sets you back almost two turns when you play it a lot of the time.
  • Kami of False Hope is actually really interesting with Gift of Immortality. Outside of that, it is not great. It's also easy for the opponent to disrupt. Not worth changing, just something worth noting.
  • Lantern Kami is not a great card on its own, and while it can cheaply trigger Tallowisp, it's only really good when paired with Hands of Binding, a two-of, or Angelic Destiny. Without cards like Curiosity as pay-off cards, and more cards like Favorable Winds to buff it, it is very sub-par.
  • Favorable Winds misses a lot of creatures in this deck. In addition, your creatures come out slowly and struggle to (ab)use its ability. Notably, the creatures it misses:
  • 3x Kami of False Hope
  • 3x Tallowisp
  • 2x Azorius Herald
  • 2x Geist of Saint Traft
  • Geist of Saint Traft is usually like a burn spell. He does four to your opponent and also trades for (or gets blocked by) a 2/2 creature on the ground. I see that you run Steel of the Godhead for him... However, only running two Geists means that you're not going to execute this plan very often. Further, Steel of the Godhead is not good on just about any other creature in this deck. All of the decent targets have flying, and the only other U/W creature in the deck is Drogskol Captain, who already has flying, and already is the first-priority removal target, meaning you don't really want to be loading him up with auras unless you have no other choice. In essence, you either need to go all-in on one plan, or back off and run the Steel as a one-of that's tutorable with Tallowisp.
  • Render Silent is not a good counterspell. You have no way to (ab)use the second clause. Consider almost any other counterspell at 3 mana - e.g. Dissipate or Dissolve. Dissolve lets you find relevant cards and filter away non-relevant cards (scry 1 = approximately 0.4 of a card drawn, usually), or getting rid of the card so it can't be recursed easily - more relevant than you would expect, and likely much more so than Render Silent.
  • Tallowisp only finds auras with Enchant Creature, making the one-of Bident of Thassa untutorable, and mostly an "extra" card for variance. Either you want it in the deck (run 2-3, or other effects similar, e.g. Military Intelligence) or cut it. Notably this also means that Hands of Binding, a very aura-like card can't be found by Tallowisp. Consider an alternative card that can be tutored for, if you can find one. Hands of Binding inevitably plays like a removal spell, only situationally and tied to one of your creatures. The upside is that you can re-target which creature you remove every turn. I would probably consider more Pacifism style effects over these. Even Guard Duty, since you are so evasive.
  • Sphinx's Revelation is not great in this deck. If you're ever in top-deck mode, the answer to your problems ought to lie in a single card, and not drawing multiples. This is partially due to the nature of the deck - Sphinx's Revelation is a really good card to be able to "hold up" and cast when you didn't need to use your cards at instant speed. If you expect to cast it for 3 or less, you may as well have cast Dragonlord's Prerogative or similar, -3 life, +1 card, easier mana requirement. The beauty of the revelation is that in the late game it can be cast for 4-5, and really put the game out of reach of the opponent. Similarly, that's only worthwhile when you have other things to do as you build up for it (e.g. playing at instant speed). Very little of this deck does that. If you want raw card draw, consider Concentrate in its place. Where for 4 mana, Revelation draws 1, Concentrate draws 3. Even Foresee may well be preferable here, and I don't think either of those cards are cards you want to have in the majority of games.

Overall the deck appears to be unsure what it wants to do. It both wants to be aggressive early (Lantern Kami), and then aggressive in the midgame (Stormbound Geist, who can't block), while trying to play an interesting midgame, that also wants to not tap out for countermagic.

If you want to include countermagic, you don't want it to cost 3 mana, as the earliest you will be able to make a reasonable play and then also hold it up will be turn 5. If you want to get the most out of your cards (e.g. Tallowisp), run four of them (unless they are Legendary). Don't run cards like Favorable Winds without ways to go wide quickly (lots of 1 and 2 mana cards that are affected by it) etc.

You have some really interesting interactions (Call to the Kindred etc), but very few ways to exploit it (just two Reavers), and while Steel of the Godhead is good on a blue/white creature, it is terrible on a mono-coloured creature because it becomes very inefficient (e.g. Spirit Link or Aqueous Form etc).

Angel of Flight Alabaster is powerful, but misses out on your Call to the Kindred ability. You night want to try and find a powerful spirit to Kindred into in its place. Something like Myojin of Cleansing Fire, Sovereigns of Lost Alara or Oyobi, Who Split the Heavens etc.

A route that you might not have noticed available is Eldrazi Conscription plus Arcanum Wings and Soverigns of Lost Alara . Geist of Saint Traft can use the wings really efficiently itself, making them a reasonable inclusion in a similar deck, the Sovereigns can search them up as well as Tallowisp, making it a fairly reliable combo - it's the route I nearly took when building Drogskol Winds, but decided to build it as I did because it worked out cheaper.