Lantern Kami

Lantern Kami

Creature — Spirit

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Lantern Kami Discussion

dylanyad on The Ones Who Haven't Crossed.. (W/B Spirits)

3 months ago

Why would you not splash blue? Spirits need blue for Drogskol Captain, Dungeon Geists and Geist of Saint Traft. Other honorable mentions you should definately have in your deck are : Geist-Honored Monk , Lantern Kami, Gravitational Shift, Latch Seeker. Also where is Path to Exile ? Anyway , needs alot of work imo. goodluck!

rshizzle on Playing with WINTER ORB as Our Commander! (Help!!)

3 months ago

you might wanna look into including Ancient Den and Darksteel Citadel cuz it combos with the Unwinding Clock

as far as to cut, i would take out the following as most of them seem to be rather weak on their own:War FalconMardu Woe-ReaperLantern KamiLoyal Pegasus

board wipes are going to hit you pretty hard, so maybe a Faith's Reward or Soul of New Phyrexia

JacksonYoda on Spirits tribal

9 months ago

I would take out both Geist of the Moors and replace them with Hallowed Spiritkeeper, as Doomed Traveler and Lantern Kami will fill your graveyard effectively. I can see that this is definitely a creature based deck, so I would take out 2 Celestial Crusader to put in 2 Geist-Honored Monk to get the most out of the tokens created by Hallowed Spiritkeeper. As long as you're making tokens, I would swap Serra's Blessing with Cathars' Crusade and 2 Shared Triumph for 2 Intangible Virtue. I think that Midnight Haunting is a great card, but you can get three spirits for the same amount of mana from Spectral Procession. One more thing, if you're only splashing blue, I recommend two color lands and maybe one or two Flooded Strand for consistency. Thank you for reading, I am definitely buying your deck!

Pal00ka on 2014-11-04 update of Spiriting Away ...

11 months ago

That'd be a wicked cycle neosapien, I shall consider making it a reality.

Been play-testing and felt that many a time I wouldn't play my first spell till T2 so more 1-drops were needed. I wanted to test Kami of False Hope and Lantern Kami to see which might be better. I like False because I could block then sacrifice it to negate other damage for free. Lantern appeals mainly because it's evasive from the get-go.

What would you suggest cutting for the Gift of Immortality ?

God_of_Thunder on

11 months ago

@Tingettley Yeah, Midnight Haunting vs Spectral Procession is a hard call. The biggest thing it came down to is instant/easier to cast vs sorcery/harder to cast. I think my mana base is fancy enough that I can swing Spectral Procession , but it's going to take some playtesting to figure it out. And Lingering Souls I think is the best, it's just annoying to get the mana base right and ultimately not worth the trouble, I think. Since this is a low cmc tribal/aggro style deck I think Mana Leak works better than Remand . I'm still tweaking and playtesting so nothing is certain. Lantern Kami is another tough choice. I think, in general, Doomed Traveler is a better card. But once my opponent sees that this is a tribal spirits deck with buffs for flyers, its more profitable for my opponent to not lethally block him/kill him because if they do, I'm getting the better deal out of it. At least, that's how I would play against it. I'll gladly take the 1 damage per turn instead of giving them a 1/1 flyer with potential to be much fatter. But there isn't really a better 1 drop that fits in this deck.

dahhahm on None

11 months ago

4x Lantern Kami seem kind of boring, are you sure you don't want 4x Doomed Traveler ? Also, you could cut down the land to maybe 21 if you wanted, there's nothing past 3 you want, and all you have is a bunch of dead mana after that. I'd recommend Celestial Colonnade or Mutavault too.

K_test on Drogskol, Spirits..

1 year ago

We've been busy and after one or two comments I've dropped the 4 Lantern Kami s and replaced them with Doomed Traveler lets see how this tweak works out..

Dmagic on The House on Haunted Hill - V 2.0 (Need Help!)

1 year ago

Yes, Beckon Apparition is better than Lantern Kami . In addition to instant speed, I can still exile a card from the opponent's graveyard. Good

No no, no Gallows Warden ! Why should I use it if I already have Favorable Winds and Drogskol Captain ?

Doomed Traveler is interesting, since I have no 1 drop creatures.

Defang goes to the sideboard. One of my friends uses beast deck, and they are 11/11, 12/12 sometimes. It will be interesting.

I have some doubts about Latch Seeker . He is cool, but its toughness is so weak ... I don't know if it really pays off.

Power / Toughness 1/1
Color(s) White
Cost W
Converted cost 1


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Champions of Kamigawa Common

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