I have always disliked white - in an effort to challenge myself I constructed this fabulous thing anyway, and it's pretty fun to play!

Essentially the deck focuses on making tons of tokens (obviously). I wanted to make it mostly white, but as I went along in the build more and more artifacts crept into the construction (including 2 core (3 card) infinite combos which enable endless etb, ltb, and death triggers - very "Phyrexian" in theme; this intern gives rise to either insta-deck-mill of opponents, infinite creatures, infinite mana, or infinite life.

Aside from infinite combos, the deck can churn out a $hi+ ton of tokens going wide with combat for it's main win-con. It can also go tall with big single creatures as well, giving them protection for tons of unblocked combat damage.

I hope you like Wonderbread sandwiches with tons of pentavite and thopter tokens.


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