Initially having pulled the phoenix from a bundle and having never seen it before, it suddenly gave me the inspiration to put together a Rebels* deck. Someone else at my LGS has a non-red Atraxa Phyrexian deck, and I figure I could put together a deck representing the struggle between the Rebels and the Phyrexians. Of course, since it's Atraxa, there's no sign of Urabrask in his deck (as Urabrask is a traitor in the other Praetors' eyes) - you know what they say, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" albeit with a very tenuous truce. Of course, most of the deck is rebels, he just makes a small supporting appearance as he must be kept at arm's length as well.

This is just pure aggro, using a combination of Rebels and their artifact/equipment synergy and Urabrask's chaotic Phyrexian forces. There's a little bit of proliferation to account for proliferating Otharri's experience counters (Did you know you can do that? The more you know!) and possibly oil and/or loyalty counters, plus it opens up possible negotiations, proliferating opponents' stuff for alliances.


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