I always thought Arcanis was a cool card; not the strongest today but still has a very cool ability. I didn't plan to actually own him or build around him though. But one day someone was opening packs next to me and opened a foil ord-bordered version of it and I wanted it, so I got it. Then I decided that if I have the card, I want to use it, so why not make it a commander. I didn't have a mono blue deck before anyway.

I could have made up a deck that has some kind of unique strategy that synergises with the ability of Arcanis or something, but that would have taken way too much thinking, mental energy and looking for new cards. Decided to go the simple way instead: counterspells. So it became a good old control deck with card selection, draw, counterspells and some wincons for the lategame. Went through my folder, took all the cards that fit, then found the rest in the lgs. I didn't want to make this an expensive deck so it only contains cards that fit into the budget.

Of course this is not my everyone's favorite deck to play against. This kind of strategy can be very annoying as we all know but this deck is definitely beatable, I wouldn't even say that it's too strong. In the early game it doesn't do much, it only wants to counter the biggest threats. But if they don't kill me, once it gains card advantage, it slowly starts to take over the game and hopefully by that time my opponents have weakened each other enough for me to be able to kill them. If not, at least it managed to cause some chaos during the game and I could play this fun (at least for me) strategy with a kind of deck I never thought I'd have in Commander.


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