This deck was spawned from the fatigue of seeing and playing the same cards in every EDH deck. I just wanted to create something fresh and fun!

I've always been enamored with the old borders and style of Magic along with janky cards. What better way to delve into both by going completely old-school and using only old-bordered cards from Scourge back?

While the deck originally cost me under $60 when I first made it, the pandemic has brought with it an unfortunate surge in prices for a lot of older cards - this has made it a rather expensive deck to replicate now.

There are tons of ways to 'upgrade' this in terms of efficiency by adding more staple cards but that's not for me. Instead, I love finding old janky cards I've never seen or played with before! I have actually been removing the few higher power ubiquitous cards I originally ran to make room for more unique pieces I've always wanted to play with. It is slower than a lot of decks but I personally wanted a slower deck to play, one that was less focused on competition and more here for fun synergies and interactions.

If you think of any old, budget, janky cards that need a home, please let me know!


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Over the last couple months, I have been really changing the way I've approached this deck. Over time, I have been taking out staple cards I usually rely on to make way for cards I've always wanted to play with, ones I think are unique and don't have a home elsewhere. This deck has really become the flagship for my favorite elements of Magic and I absolutely love trying to eek out a win with this hodgepodge of oddballs. There is nothing wrong with optimizing your deck but for this one, I wanted to toss that mindset out the window, jump into the elements that made me start playing years ago, and dance on that razor-thin edge of what is considered 'playable.' I wanted to briefly record some of these changes here for anyone who is interested :)

Staples Removed: Ashnod's Altar , Altar of Dementia , Black Market , Mind Stone , Fellwar Stone , Sol Ring , Jet Medallion , Decree of Pain

Welcome, New Jank!:

Thrull cousins: Blood Pet , Basal Thrull , Blood Vassal

Weird/Unique Abilities: Coffin Queen , Urborg Stalker , Grotesque Hybrid , Ritual of the Machine , Ashen Powder , Delraich , Last Laugh , Well of Knowledge

OP Mana Rocks: Skull of Ramos , Kyren Toy , Sol Grail , Manakin

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