Thalisse EDH deck where the strategy is to go wide and overwhelm your opponents with a lots of creature tokens and/or sacrifice them for a damage on opponents.

Neat synergies and combos with this deck:

  • Ruthless Knave + Anointed Procession = With a tiny investment of one creature and three mana, you can start creating an endless amount of treasure tokens while Thalisse is on the field (and even faster if you have initially more creatures on the field you can sacrifice!).

  • Blade of Selves = Previously I have been struggling to get Blade of Selves to work well because of the rulings on how it works (tokens it creates come into play already attacking so you don't get any attack triggers from the copies or that the tokens get exiled at the end of combat so you don't get any death triggers normally unless you have a sac outlet) but with Thalisse only caring about how many tokens is created per turn I feel like it is gonna work nicely in this deck.

  • Divine Visitation = This card can get bonkers easily when you have spells and effects that make multiple creature tokens at once but instead they are now 4/4 White Angels with Flying and Vigilance (and then at the end of the turn Thalisse creates that many more creature tokens as were tokens created during that turn).

Cards have been grouped by custom order.

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