Accumulated Knowledge


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Kiora Common
FNM Promos Rare
Nemesis Common

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Accumulated Knowledge


Draw a card, then draw cards equal to the number of cards named Accumulated Knowledge in all graveyards.

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Accumulated Knowledge Discussion

DragonHaiku on Abzan Value

1 week ago

Love the flavor but Divination doesn't seem to fit. I would swap it for either Accumulated Knowledge which costs less and works great with self mill, or, drop blue altogether and put in Manamorphose to fix mana and draw a card for free.

maddoxmtg on Chain Burning

1 month ago

I like the deck, but Chain Lightning is really bad here. It kills all your creatures if they play red, which is fairly common in Pauper. I would look into running Accumulated Knowledge and cards like Snap and Frantic Search.

HalfaCatfish on Gutterstorm

2 months ago

Also, I would take out Take Inventory for Accumulated Knowledge.

Kay7men on The Big Wave

3 months ago

I have such a soft spot for Accumulated Knowledge, but I can never really find a way to work it into a deck. It would be nice here for the advantage, but I feel like its too many cards to run all four. But then it feels like a waste to run if you aren't running a full playset. I dunno, I'll definitely fiddle around with it, see if just two or three is worth it.

Dredgar on The Big Wave

3 months ago

Accumulated Knowledge for some draw?

Firebones675 on Jeskai Tempo[IN TESTING]

3 months ago

Looks pretty good just a couple quick comments. Generally speking you want your deck to be only 60 cards. This allows you the highest chance of draing your best card or the card you need most in a given moment. Secondly Accumulated Knowledge isn't actually legal in modern. While it's expensive, i have been super impressed by gearhulk. Even if there isnt anything good to cast from your graveyard, a creature that sized with flash is always nice although obviously you would prefer to get some value off of it. Venser seems relatively out of place. It's a good card, just not sure if this is the right home for him

Boza on Fairy Magic

3 months ago

Instead of flickering a Shieldmate to give hexproof to a creature to make targeted removal fizzle, you could simply flicker the targeted creature and achieve the same goal.

Instead of abomination, which must be flickered in order to be useful, use anything else. A Kor Skyfisher, a 2/3 flier is much better than a 2 card combo that produces 4 mana 3/4 flying looter.

Spellstutter is quite weak with just 8 faeries total. Miscreant is incredibly ineffectual card draw (if cast all 4 of them, you will draw 3 cards - you can do the same with 2 Accumulated Knowledge).

Mulldrifter being the best creature you have only as 2-of is a mistake.

I would advise you to look in the archetypes of Acid Trip and Jeskai Kuldotha for ideas on how to build this type of deck.

hardhitta71194 on Lightning, Explosions, and More!

4 months ago

Looks great man! I would really like a few of those Jace's in my deck, but like you my budget isn't too high. I'm already over what I usually spend but I really like these Counter Burn decks.

I seen you wanted Accumulated Knowledge, I run Take Inventory in my mono blue, same card different name.

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