Until end of turn, any time you could activate a mana ability, you may pay 1 life. If you do, add to your mana pool.

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anubis1ra1 on Lokotor's Cube

4 months ago

too strong:


Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis

Pathrazer of Ulamog

Artisan of Kozilek

Lodestone Golem


Contract from Below (ummm... what?? this is too strong and the ante doesnt exist to balance it)

Hymn to Tourach

Animate Dead



Feather, the Redeemed

Winding Constrictor

Manifold Key

Ulamog's Crusher

Ichorclaw Myr (colorless infect)

Myr Galvanizer

Bounding Krasis

Unburial Rites

Mother of Runes

Archetype of Courage

Village Bell-Ringer

Sun Titan (probably fine)

Porcelain Legionnaire (cheap first strike, hard to kill in reasonable time without using removal spell on a 2 drop)

Battle Screech (or Lingering Souls/Spectral Procession) too many of this effect (too many flying tokens I think)

Winds of Abandon game ending 1 sided wrath (probably just too strong)

Mana Tithe fine card, but not sure why white has counter spells

Peregrine Drake probably fine, but just worth watching for overly easy infinites

Etherium Sculptor potentially too many artifact synergy cards like this in the cube (artifacts might be one of the most well supported archetypes)

Brain Freeze (not really supported?)

Snap again potential infinite mana


Tainted Strike/Phyresis Infect is potentially too strong

Feldon of the Third Path potentially degenerate?

Flameshadow Conjuring (goes infinite with multiple creatures with an iron myr)

Golgari Grave-Troll maybe fine

Sprout Swarm (I've seen this card be silly, but its probably fine)

Groundswell/Scale Up (with infect)

anubis1ra1 on Lokotor's Cube

4 months ago

Flood of Recollection -> Mission Briefing

Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis is too strong Artisan of Kozilek is concerning with green ramp Channel NEEDS to be cut, you can't have that and any fireball effect, or eldrazi with annihilator

Bounding Krasis is concerning. What is its role?

Infect in general seems really strong

Reanimator seems strong as well given the top end creatures that exists, but hard to say relative to everything else

Blue feels like most cards exists to punish other archetypes, but it doesn't do much on its own

Red feels about right to me at a glance.

What is the intended power level? This seems to range from vintage cube to standard in power level. I would expect Channel with moxen and well supported a storm archetype, not Ayula, Queen Among Bears.

Lodestone Golem along with the artifact cost reducers, untappers and such could potentially be oppressive.

Epicurus on Infinite Loops

7 months ago

fadelightningmm, you mention that people like me shouldn't complain, but you end by mentioning something that isn't fun. I'm not pointing this out to belittle you or to be a troll, but just to show that each of us have our limits as to what defines fun. As many of you have pointed out, repeatedly, what is fun is subjective. And, again, exactly what I asked for in the original post was opinion. I declared myself as biased from the start only to give everyone a perspective from which to begin the conversation. I don't enjoy infinite loop decks. I see them everywhere, though, so I wanted to get a broader scope on how other players felt about them to see if I was in the majority opinion. Albeit small sample size thus far, but for now it's slightly in favor of the loops.

However, that analysis is possibly errant. I'm talking about infinite loops here, not combos. Using Channel in the original post was perhaps a bad example. Channel-fireball decks were not infinite loops. They were draw percentage decks. By the same token, your Fractured Identity/Phage the Untouchable deck was a combo deck, not an infinite loop. Infinite loop is Elf Alarm. It's Heliod Ballista. It's infinite mana, infinite mill, infinite tokens (all with haste), infinite damage, etc, sometimes multiplies of each, sometimes using as few as two spells, such as it is with Heliod Ballista.

Now, I can certainly respect what Gidgetimer said. I suppose I'm oversimplifying things by my characterization of a tutor-to-infinite deck. In EDH, certainly it takes some skill in design, assuming you're not just ripping it off of EDHREC card-for-card. Even then it takes some skill in execution. To be perfectly honest, I've not been playing EDH for nearly as long as... probably any of y'all. I did play "Highlander" sometimes way back in the 90s, but that was a completely different thing altogether. We're talking about 99 card libraries here, so yeah, I get it. It's entirely possible that I'm underestimating how difficult it is to get exactly those two spells out in a game. If so, then all these players I encounter at the shops are all aces, because they sure do make it look pretty easy.

I also just want to point out, because of a repeated sentiment in this thread, that not all of the decks I build are stompy spike decks full of "how many creatures can I put out, and how big." I like to play control, and I like to be creative with the build of it. I like to figure out weird synergies that cause stack chains. I like spellslinger decks. And, yes, I also like big stompy spike decks full of a ton of big creatures, but even those can be creative (reference: Cemetery Smash). In other words, I also enjoy the design part of the game. I've even built combo decks, insta-win decks and infinite loop decks before.

Sorry, can you tell this topic has been on my mind too much recently? Baha, sorry for the novel, y'all.

fadelightningmm on Infinite Loops

7 months ago

I started playing magic a long time ago (about 16 years ago), and in the beginning I was your typical Timmy and loved swinging in with big creatures. Insane combat math was always my favorite thing to puzzle out.

A few years ago when dominaria released a friend suggested that I try storm because my favorite part was the math in combat. I took him up on the offer and built Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain and loved it. Since then a lot of the decks I have built have been combo decks. There is something vastly different about playing combo versus playing against combo. A seasoned combo player will almost make combos look effortless, but in reality it is much more demanding to find opportunities to do things(assuming it’s not a boring oops I win combo). There are a ton of combo decks out there but they aren’t as bad as people say. As Yisan (great name btw) mentioned it’s cool to pull off the unexpected combo win, but afterwards shuffle up a different deck. Sometimes when you run combo you don’t pull off your combo for a long time ex. I have a Yennet, Cryptic Sovereign deck that tries to win with Fractured Identity and Phage the Untouchable. I’ve had the deck since C18 released and finally pulled off the combo this past Saturday. Combo feels like a really cool achievement and once you pull it off you move on to check off another thing on the list.

Attrition games are fun, but they can take forever. If you’re behind in a game of attrition it can be no fun. At least combo allows for less of the extended I’m behind feel bads. Also you can make some really good attrition based combo decks. Look at any stax based deck for that matter.

I think too many people in the magic community like to complain about things. It’s fine to not like something, but it doesn’t make others wrong for wanting to play that style of game. Pre-game communication can help lessen the feel bads of losing to combo, infect, or voltron. Talk to the group if you want a combo free game discuss that with them.

In the end I guess what I’m trying to say is combo is a legitimate play style. Things change over time. Some things like Channel enable a combo far too easily (something like Flash could also be in this category too) should be banned. Starting a game and immediately ending it isn’t fun (sorry cEDH community).

Epicurus on Infinite Loops

7 months ago

Long story, but there's a question at the end...

I just put together a life-gain EDH deck. I haven't posted it on here yet, because I already know the comments it might receive, if any. Everyone I ask for advice with its build says "wtf do you not have that one Heliod combo in there?!"

I've tried restructuring the deck to include that, and I can pretty easily by just adding the two cards in question. However, when presenting the build including those cards, the question becomes "wtf do you not have a ton of fetch to pull off that one Heliod combo?!"

My answer is simple: I enjoy playing the game.

I had a Legacy Guilty Doll deck once. It won by turn 3 always. On the perfect draw, it won on turn 2. It was fun to build, but no fun at all to play. I ended up selling it to pay rent. I miss some of the cards in it, but not the deck.

In order to optimize the Heliod combo, I would have to compromise the rest of the theme of the deck. It would become a Heliod Combo deck, rather than a life-gain deck. It would certainly be way better that way, probably, but at what cost? The whole game would be searching out both sides of the combo, and setting it off. Wowee Kazowee! (sarcasm implied)

My question is, what is your opinion on all the infinite loops in the game these days? Personally, I have no fun running them, and even less fun playing against them. Always have, since the Elf Alarm decks of old. A fun game for me is a battle of attrition, not a race to the combo. I thought that's why Channel was the original OP banned card.

What's your opinion?

Qolorful on Card creation challenge

8 months ago



Until end of turn, whenever you lose a life, add that many to your mana pool.

A twist on Channel . seems like a safer way to generate a lot of mana, as it is more passive.

Make a card that is extremely powerful, but also extremely dangerous to play.

king-saproling on Rise for Ruin

11 months ago

Channel would be neat here assuming you're not following any banlists.

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