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GeminiSpartanX's Binder

120+ Trades completed and counting!

For a more complete list of cards I have, see my collection @ my tcgplayer collection.

but just know that if you want cards that are not listed in my have list below, it will take a really good deal to get them from me.

I trade using tcgplayer market prices, as they represent (imho) the best current market value of the card.

Exemplary Traders: Mazzuno has pretty much given me one of the best trading experiences ever, I highly recommend trading with him.

Paradise_Collectibles also gave me a good trade as a non-upgraded user.

I would avoid trading with: AlucardZain, Regigigas23, PhotogenicParasympathetic (locked in a trade, he never got the cards to me, glad I had him send first)

Top wants: 4x Dark Confidant, 4x Horizon Canopy, 2x Raging Ravine, 1x Crucible of Worlds, 1x Scalding Tarn, 2x Wrath of God (black boardered only)

Updated last on 2/16/17

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.

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