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GeminiSpartanX's Binder

120+ Trades completed and counting!

For a more complete list of cards I have, see my collection @ my tcgplayer collection.

but just know that if you want cards that are not listed in my have list below, it will take a really good deal to get them from me.

I trade using tcgplayer market prices, as they represent (imho) the best current market value of the card.

Exemplary Traders: Mazzuno has pretty much given me one of the best trading experiences ever, I highly recommend trading with him.

Paradise_Collectibles also gave me a good trade as a non-upgraded user.

I would avoid trading with: AlucardZain, Regigigas23, PhotogenicParasympathetic (locked in a trade, he never got the cards to me, glad I had him send first)

Top wants: 2x Champion of the Parish (Duel deck version only), 3x Leonin Arbiter (C17 version only), 2x Mayor of Avabruck F (000) (foil promo only), 1x Boseiju, Who Shelters All, 1x Crucible of Worlds, 1x Scapeshift, 2x Scalding Tarn, 1x Greater Good, 1x Command Beacon, 2x Wrath of God (black boardered only)

Updated last on 11/16/17

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.

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