Trial of Zeal


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Custom Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Uncommon

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Trial of Zeal


When Trial of Zeal enters the battlefield, it deals 3 damage to target creature or player.

When a Cartouche enters the battlefield under your control, return Trial of Zeal to its owner's hand.

Trial of Zeal Discussion

Flooremoji on Liliana, Zombie Deck

2 months ago

Okay, the easyest ways to upgrade this deck are:

Cut Cartouche of Ambition , Trial of Zeal , Hungry Flames , Magma Spray , Festering Mummy , 1 Plague Belcher , Shamble Back and Collective Defiance .

This frees up fourteen slots.

To fill them I would add:

4x Undead Augur

4x Inquisition of Kozilek

4x Lightning Bolt

2x Cryptbreaker

Other (expensive) options:


Gravecrawler is great, but after it spiked, it might be a little to expensive. If you ever do add Gravecrawler , Carrion Feeder is insane. Tidehollow Sculler is one of the best zombies, but without expensive lands, it might not be the right fit.


Fatal Push is one of the best removal spells in decks that can reliably turn revolt on, usually done by using fetchlands like Bloodstained Mire .


Thoughtseize : Although you probably don't want to play Inquisition, Sculler and Thoughtseize , they are all good cards. Blood Moon compleatly shuts down some decks, while mostly leaving red decks intact. Leyline of the Void is A+ Sideboard Material, and is always a good cards to play in the 15.


Bloodstained Mire , Polluted Delta , Blackcleave Cliffs and Blood Crypt are all staples of R/B manabases, because of the fetchlands ability to fetch Blood Crypt . Because of this, they are at a crazy price right now, but they are the best.

Other options:

Liliana, the Last Hope and Liliana Vess are incredibly powerful cards, and sticking to the theme, Liliana, Untouched By Death has some synergy :)

ccbaseballcc on Mogis, God of Hate

9 months ago

FenrisBurgess This was a previously a Neheb, the Worthy deck and as with this deck was built with cards I have around at the time. Trial of Zeal and Raiders' Spoils were from the old deck that I kept as a way to get devotion and are some of the cards I will end up replacing when I get the cards (and money).

Blood Moon is used because a lot of my playgroup down here use quite a few non-basic lands.

The sacrifice cards are going to be helpful once I pick up a Revel in Riches to put in the deck.

The cards like Heartless Hidetsugu and a lot of the damage I take will balance out once I can find some life gain cards like Exquisite Blood to counteract my own life drain. On top of this, maybe finding a few cards to gain myself some life to stay ahead of the game

I do agree that this deck needs more work and some game ending cards. The only time I played this deck I did lose, but draining the life from my opponents was pretty fun.

Thank you for your feedback!

FenrisBurgess on Mogis, God of Hate

9 months ago

Curious as to why you have Trial of Zeal without a cartouche. I also don't see it being useful as it's a -drop enchantment that only does 3 damage, whereas a Lightning Bolt has the same effect for less. Now you may not want a lightning bolt specifically, so here's a link to that looks for cards with bolt in the name.

Raiders' Spoils is also questionable because I see you control a total of four warriors, meaning this cards second effect is almost entirely useless unless you can manage to get one of these four onto the battlefield and manage to do combat damage. Only two warriors have afflict, so I don't see this being entirely useful to you.

  • I don't see how Blood Moon helps you.

  • You have quite a few cards in here that force you to sacrifice a creature along with your opponent's. This can be good if you have nothing on the field, but is detrimental to you if you do, and you have almost no graveyard retrieval.

  • On top of this, a lot of cards do damage to you as a result of their effects. Heartless Hidetsugu, for example, takes away half your health along with your opponent, and with your deck which relies on damaging yourself in order to get some semblance of card advantage, you're putting them ahead.

  • This deck is countered by:

  • Discard
  • Mill (obviously)
  • Burn
  • Itself

  • I think you're going for an aggro-burn deck, but you also want it to be sacrifice-control deck. You gotta choose one.

  • The losing one life for card advantage is fine, but most of your cards for that have circumstantial effects, like Asylum Visitor. It's unlikely someone is going to run out of cards in their hand often unless you're running a discard deck or they're playing low cost cards only.
  • Try to pick a specific type of creature you want your deck based around. It allows you to boost that type of creature more effectively, and there are some card effects that only work if you have certain creature types. You might want to try demons.
  • Your land is fine. I recommend Cinder Barrens for another special land.
  • Your deck could benefit from more artifacts.
  • Definitely needs more work.

PedroMarcello on Standard Goblins

1 year ago

I feel that Verix Bladewing is kinda displaced there.I would replace it with a more proactive card like Glorybringer, Hungry Flames or Abrade.
Fiery Cannonade hits a lot of your creatures while trying to go wide. I see why against Tokens, but sounds better as a sideboard option.
I feel like this is the deck to try some agressive stuff from Amonketh.Cartouche of Zeal, Trial of Zeal and Consuming Fervor.

Mice_Overseer on R/W Exert - Gideon

1 year ago

This is pretty sweet. You would definitely improve your low-level removal package by swapping the Trial of Zeal and Impeccable Timing for a playset of Lightning Strike, as the instant speed & cheaper cost of Strike trump the potential to return your Trial to hand. Cartouche of Zeal is also borderline; try replacing it with extra copies of Gust Walker and Ahn-Crop Crasher and give it a trial run.

Apfelsinensaft on B / R Carpet for the God

1 year ago

After some playtesting, i made following changes:

I think, it feels a bite more faster now, though i am thinking about moving 2 Bontu's Last Reckoning to sideboard and adding 2 Baleful Ammit or an other creature.

Hyperalgialysis on Exert To Hurt

1 year ago

Renegade Map is a non color restrictive way to fetch a land, probably be better than Commune with Dinosaurs. I like Trial of Zeal and Trial of Solidarity with multiple cartouches, they are very high impact. You need some more maindeck removal, Cast Out and Lightning Strike would be good.

troyisepic on I shat this Krenko deck out in 20 minutes

1 year ago

Sword is broken with krenko, especially like I said with the altar. Krenko with sword +any goblin and the altar creates an infinite combo for infinite 1/1 goblins. You could theoretically win turn 3 with it. Also cards I'd suggest tossing.Sparkmage Apprentice Doesn't help Krenko and the one damage it does when it comes in is inconsequential.Ornithopter It's a free flying blocker at best, but it doesn't offer you any real benefits other than a potential few extra life points that shouldn't matter since you should be faster than anyone else anyway.Forgotten Cave Cycling is awesome, don't get me wrong but you've got much better options than this, Look into a Wheel or something instead.Sure Strike The spell isn't bad, for most decks I'd usually say go for it, but goblins are a swarm tribe. You're looking for lots of tiny bits of damage, one guy doing an extra 3 doesn't do much for you.Collateral Damage There is no reason to run this over Lightning BoltTrial of Zeal You aren't running any Cartouches, this is basically an expensive lightning bolt.There's a few others I think are sub-optimal, but those are the big changes I'd consider making personally. As for ideas on what would be better in their place...Purphoros, God of the Forge costs some $$$, but you'll be dumping goblins all over the place so he can win the game for you on his own, definitely worth the investmentFervor Haste is gonna be important for your goblins, you have some creatures that do it, having something a little harder to get rid of that gives haste is definitely welcome.In the Web of War More haste and now all your goblins are 3/1 when they drop. Definitely a game changerRummaging Goblin Draw is important, and while discard is a pain, goblins have the best discard option ever, Squee, Goblin Nabob he can be a permanent way for you to grow your hand without ever having to actually lose anything important.Goblin Recruiter Red doesn't have a lot of tutors, this guy is great for that AND he's got the ability to pull as many as you want, gotta play him smart though.Goblin Assassin He might hurt you too, but with krenko pumping out buttloads of tokens, it's essentially a boardwipe for everyone except you.

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