Consuming Fervor


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Uncommon

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Consuming Fervor

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant Creature

Enchanted creature gets +3/+3 and has "At the beginning of your upkeep, put a -1/-1 counter on this creature."

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Consuming Fervor Discussion

Garchomp98 on Mono-Red Aggro

2 days ago

Nice general idea. I'd recommend reducing Cartouche of Zeals to 3, removing the 4 Magma Spray and the 1 Insult / Injury and instead putting in 3 Flings and 3 Consuming Fervors as to deal more damage quickly.

Ol_man on Vampires, Gods, and the Lonely Minotaur

1 week ago

Grantley91 thanks for the view and upvote!

It was a toss up between Soul-Scar Mage and Flameblade Adept for sideboard. Possibly when Insolent Neonate and Falkenrath Gorger rotate out Flameblade will have a spot but, so far testing with this deck Rhonas the Indomitable proves to be a mainstay. Rhonas dodges mostly all removal, pumps a weaker creature while giving it trample, and destroys mostly all it fights while being a 5/5 indestructible creature for 3 cmc (yes, please). Also, Blossoming Defense and Consuming Fervor allow gorger to activate Rhonas while neonate+fervor activate rhonas too (and thats just the bottom of the barrel, Rhonas is very easy to activate in this deck). Blossoming defense also helps Rhonas's partner stay on board by avoiding removal.

Subject134127 on jund HELP!!

1 week ago

Fair enough, I went on a bit of a tangent accidentally :)

Taking your original decklist with Decimator Beetle, Magmaspray and Greatjaw:

Consuming Fervor Works well with the Decimator Beetle and Hapatra. Automatic -1/-1 counters at your upkeep gives a non-interactive way to easily make deathtouch blockers. The counters can be redistributed with the beetle (or eaten by the Greatjaw), and the card brings a nice +3/+3 bonus that makes any creature on your board very scary. 5/5 Hapatra for example sounds pretty good, or 7/7 flying haste (glorybringer). It also lets your Hapatra/Soulscar live through a Sweltering Suns.

It may be a nice addition instead of the Greatjaw, which I've found a little average in my tests. There aren't so many creatures of your own that really need the counters removed (which may change after putting in fervor).

It's also possible to remove one of the nests and maybe the conduits so you can keep the Greatjaw around, which will have more value once fervor is in.

Noctem on Red Suicide

2 weeks ago


Brawler is a 4/3 that forces me to discard, as opposed to the option to discard of the other cards which can actually be very very relevant. Another issue with it is that it has no real secondary benefit. Other creatures have haste, menace (which is actually very relevant in the meta right now), prowess, react to discard / cycle effects, trample, etc.. That's the reasoning I believe for not using the Brawler.

Consuming Fervor is a 4x in the main. Very cool card. Turn 1 Village Messenger  Flip, flip turn 2, Consuming Fervor x2 and swing for 8 is something I've seen my friend do on a couple of occasions. Very silly stuff against people who don't run Fatal Push.

Built to Smash's ability to give trample isn't the main focus of using the card. It's a pseudo Lightning Bolt. Because the deck has so many 1 drops, going wide is a natural consequence. So you will always have an unblocked attacker that you can buff to get that extra 3 damage in. Or, in the case of Bomat, you can save it and also get damage through. But that's just icing on the cake. Brute Strength was playtested but then dropped for Invigorated Rampage because it was a better card and can be split between two attackers. That was then dropped because it costs 2CMC instead of 1 when it comes to Built to Smash. However, playtesting will be needed to figure out if Built to Smash or Invigorated Rampage is better. All the spells played have to be immediately relevant and since we don't have the indulgence of running more non-creature spells. Each one has to serve a very focused goal. 1 mana for 3 damage is the desired baseline. Consuming Fervor, Built to Smash and Fiery Temper achieve that goal.

With cards like Insolent Neonate and Bomat Courier, card draw is actually not a problem. The games don't last long enough for card draw to become relevant and if they do, cards like those 2 then offer us card draw. Even 2-3 cards from Bomat Courier is enough and since it can be played as early as turn 1, 3 cards off it is actually a realistic possibility. Tormenting Voice is too slow. If I wanted a card that stopped creatures from blocking I would run the 3CMC minotaur as the top of the curve since it's a 3/2 with haste that does the same thing. But even that is too slow and stopping something from blocking isn't as relevant as you would think. The deck simply doesn't care as either I'll be going so wide, so fast that the opponent still takes high amounts of damage, I use creatures with menace which makes blocking difficult, I buff my creatures to force the opponent to chump or if I really need to, I can burn the blockers via Fiery Temper. Like I said, the deck doesn't really care about blockers.

I didn't post the sideboard since I wasn't sure what my friend is currently using but I believe Shock is a 4x in the side. The other 2 are too slow. This deck aims to win by turn 3 and can do it on a semi consistent basis with turn 4 being much more common.

Thanks for the upvote :)

BioProfDude on Red Suicide

2 weeks ago

Bloodrage Brawler! That even allows another discard mechanism for your Fiery Tempers.

Consuming Fervor might also be another interesting addition. My only problem with Built to Smash is that Bomat Courier is your only target available to give trample. Brute Strength may not save the creature from the blocker, but it does give trample, and in a deck with 30 low-CMC creatures that should be okay. Even Rush of Adrenaline is good for the trample, and stays at the CMC = , so no additional cost compared to Brute Strength.

A big concern will be card draw. Tormenting Voice (as you have Fiery Temper), Renegade Tactics, and Expedite are all good ways to be able to pick up a card or two while providing some benefit.

In the side, some additional burn might be good. Shock and maybe either Burn from Within or Avacyn's Judgment might suffice.

Cool deck! Good luck and +1 from me!

Noctem on Mono-Red Aggro In Amonkhet

2 weeks ago

A friend of mine built something similar and I think it could be useful to you. For example, his deck runs cards like Consuming Fervor and Built to Smash as pseudo Lightning Bolt effects. The top of his curve is technically Reckless Bushwhacker but he would basically never play it for 3CMC since he will always have a spell to cast first and then cast for surge cost. He runs a small vampire madness package in the form of 4 Falkenrath Gorger + 4 Insolent Neonate + Furyblade Vampire so that he can safely discard and then play them via the gorger anyway. It's not a bad trick to be honest. He tried using Hazoret the Fervent in the main but decided it was simply too high on the curve for what the deck seeks to achieve and most of the time, he wasn't hellbent because of cards like Bomat Courier. He can win as early as turn 3 and his deck does this pretty often. The opponent really needs to do something turn 1-2 because if they don't that's usually all he needs to win. I posted the deck list I'm pretty sure he's running in the main so you have a reference point.

Red Suicide

imsocool1234 on -1/-1 Snake Burn

2 weeks ago

Tremblayk19 Honestly I think Consuming Fervor works so well with Insolent Neonate, turn 2 4/4 menace. Also with Key to the City you can almost guarantee damage from any creature on the board that recieves the enchantment. I like being able to toss the Scrapheap Scrounger's and they almost always have a way back onto the field with the Neonate's dying. Thanks for taking the time to look at this! My LGS had a comic book event this weekend so there wasn't a standard event. When I go to one I'll update this deck with match-up results. Cheers

Tremblayk19 on -1/-1 Snake Burn

2 weeks ago

Hey imsocool1234 I really like the inclusion of Scrapheap, Unlicensed Disintegration, and Chandra. Might consider them in my own build. How has Consuming Fervor been in your testing? I got rid of it in mine, thought that Channeler Initiate was really the only thing I wanted to target of my own, but I wanted to know your opinion.

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