Consuming Fervor


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Uncommon

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Consuming Fervor

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant Creature

Enchanted creature gets +3/+3 and has "At the beginning of your upkeep, put a -1/-1 counter on this creature."

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Consuming Fervor Discussion

landofMordor on Soul-Scarab Mage

8 hours ago

Cut Consuming Fervor and any irrelevant creatures like Archfiend of Ifnir/Ruthless Sniper for more burn. If you have Soul-Scar out, he'll do more work than spending your mana cycling stuff. The other synergies are cool, but I think you'll get better results if you go all-in.

Fiochv2 on Hapatra's Legions

2 weeks ago

dspangle Thanks for the upvote and yes, there is no way to Activate Ifnir. I just put him in as a beefy flyer for midgame. I'm going to take him out though and put in some Aethersphere Harvester or Heart of Kiran, probably swapping out some Baleful Ammit since they can't remove their -1/-1 counters by themselves like Channeler Initiate and [Exemplar of Strength] can. I'm also thinking of doing a Jund version with Soul-Scar Mage, Consuming Fervor, and of course Archfiend of Ifnir. Thanks again!

the.beanpole on Make Them SHRINK! [AKH] [Budget]

2 weeks ago

No need to splash a color for Consuming Fervor. If anything, splash white for Vizier of Remedies, but that is quite hard to do successfully on a budget. Otherwise, maybe Soulstinger, Splendid Agony, Baleful Ammit, and Decimator Beetle.

ericcartman on RG Fervor

3 weeks ago

Thanks for the feedback Freezingfist

Actually, I included Consuming Fervor since it can pump my creatures during the early turns (as early as turn 2) wherein its effects would subside only after 3 turns (which the game shouldve end by turn 4/5). Also, I think it synergizes well with Exemplar of Strength giving 1 life every attack which also negates the upkeep effect.

I agree that the creature can be shocked before the enchantment attaches. I can replace 2 Fling with 2 Blossoming Defense for added creature protection.

I currently have this deck for playtesting and under perfect conditions could end the turn in turn 4 or 5.

Here is one scenario for the synergy of Consuming Fervor

Turn 1 - Bloodlust InciterTurn 2 - Exemplar of Strength (put the counters on Inciter then respond to give haste) Turn 3- Consuming Fervor Turn 4 - Shock or Fiery Temper

However, I had problems with maintaining the pressure on the field since I only have one large creature at a time due to 2 cmc curve.

I would like to agree in mainboarding the Channeler Initiate but I think my other 2 drops are more efficient especially in dealing damage as fast as possible. However, I would definitely consider your suggestions.


Freezingfist on RG Fervor

3 weeks ago

Hmm, interesting build ericcartman... but...

I feel like if Consuming Fervor has a home it's best paired with

Casting it on something, and having it Pushed or otherwise removed from combat isn't fun. Basically a 2 for 1... and a lot of the creatures you want to cast it on can be shocked as response to you targeting it.

I like the tech of Hapatra's Mark to remove the negative counters. I feel like you need more creature protection, and one that helps remove the downside of Fervor while keeping the creature alive is great. Have you considered Blossoming Defense or even Shed Weakness?

I think I'd mainboard Channeler Initiate. Seems like the perfect target for -1/-1 counters. Serving dual duty as mana and beater.

Going back to my original point, has Sram, Senior Edificer, so once it's cast, the enchantment replaces itself. Also, Vizier of Remedies can keep the negative effect's of the enchantment from even proccing.

I could be totally wrong. Have you playtested it?

clayperce on Return of Steel-Cannon Pummeler (AKH - Retired)

3 weeks ago

Congrats on your FNM results! I'm SO glad you enjoyed the deck and that Soul-Scar Mage worked out well for you! One thing to mention: If you're running without Attune with Aether, you may want a few more Lands. But nvm if you already thought about that or if it's working fine for you!

Consuming Fervor is intriguing. I think I'd rather have Expedite if I was looking for a use for 1 extra mana. Or maybe Vines of the Recluse (which is probably my favorite combat trick ever, because of the Untap effect). Please let me know how it goes though!

Thanks much and draw well!

Flamezombie on Return of Steel-Cannon Pummeler (AKH - Retired)

3 weeks ago

Sorry to spam as well, meant to mention this in the last wall of text: I'm going to try out Consuming Fervor for science. Seems potentially gross since Pummeler doesn't end up living that long anyways and I've had one open mana on quite a few turns (that I didn't need to keep up for Censor lol).

Qolorful on F*** Treebeard, I'm Getting Hasty

3 weeks ago

Perhaps if you want to be particularly hasty, Consuming Fervor instead of cartouche?

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