Deathmist Raptor


Format Legality
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Leviathan Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragons of Tarkir (DTK) Mythic Rare

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Deathmist Raptor

Creature — Lizard Beast


Whenever a permanent you control is turned face up, you may return Deathmist Raptor from your graveyard to the battlefield face up or face down.

Megamorph (You may cast this card face down as a 2/2 creature for . Turn it face up at any time for its megamorph cost and put a +1/+1 counter on it.)

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Deathmist Raptor Discussion

Kayne117 on mightymorph

1 month ago

This is a super cool idea, making all of your creatures cost nothing to cast morphed in order to abuse their flip effect. That said, I think there could be some better morph creatures out there to use instead of the lowly Broodhatch Nantuko... Deathmist Raptor comes to mind. 35 lands is just a little low, so I recommend removing Farseek and Rampant Growth in favor of Kodama's Reach and Cultivate, just to make sure you can always be hitting those land drops. Even then, a few mana rocks or a few mana dorks could be very beneficial, thinking Birds of Paradise or Sylvan Caryatid. Other than that, you're being shut down by powerful artifacts and enchantments pretty hard, and while most of the answers to those are noncreature spells, not all of them are. Cards like Acidic Slime and Reclamation Sage will continue to uptick Animar while also being cheaper than their instant and sorcery counterparts. The weakness is that they will be sorcery speed, but I think that's worth the advantage for this deck. You have a pretty solid amount of draw, but I still recommend both Arch of Orazca and The Immortal Sun. The Arch is great because in the mid to late game, you will be playing your creatures very cheaply, which means you will probably have lots of leftover mana. Arch of Orazca has a pretty low opportunity cost and will let you put that mana to very good use. The Immortal Sun will make your plethora of creatures stronger, shut out planeswalkers, let you cast your first few creatures after Animar more easily, and draw you more cards. Every part of that card seems relevant for this deck.

lagotripha on Dinosaur

1 month ago

If you're playing modern, there aren't any good dinosaurs bar Deathmist Raptor, and thats only really playable in morph.

You do get some amazing deck tools- from Cavern of Souls to Avacyn's Pilgrim, Atarka's Command to Mirror Entity and Taurean Mauler. Ashes of the Fallen, Conspiracy, Roar of the Crowd, Shared Animosity. Cherished Hatchling alongside cards like Scout's Warning are major options.

All that said, you want to play enrage if you're playing dinosaurs in competitive modern. Good 1/2/3 drops with interesting synergies are the core of the format, with . Arcbond Inflame Krark-Clan Shaman Kindle the Carnage and similar is all there alongside a bunch of abusable fight effects and protection effects.


3 months ago

If you play Frontier Brawl instead it will be more fun, with access to more Dinos like Deathmist Raptor.

Same rules as Brawl, but you can use cards from M15 onwards.

Your cards don't rotate out.

landofMordor on Mechanics that never really worked

3 months ago

You right, Argy -- I should have been more specific(: for me, "dislike" is synonymous with "poor performance."

You're right that the Deathmist Raptor puts in work, but I don't think we should judge a mechanic by its strongest payoff. (Just because Whir of Invention is played in Lantern Control doesn't mean Improvise is a great mechanic, you might say.) Because bottom line is, you're still paying roughly 3 mana more for a creature than you would otherwise, which doesn't make much sense to me in Constructed without jankiness like flickering. Yes, it's awesome in Limited, but I don't think the mana disadvantage is worth the payoff in higher levels of Constructed.

It's for a similar reason I don't think Bestow worked, although I would also argue the primary reason Bestow isn't awesome is that it has a narrower design space (must always go on Enchantment Creatures, carries a metric ton of reminder text that isn't obvious to new players). You're essentially "kicking" the Bestow creature -- again, awesome in Limited when games go long and mana gets big, but you'd never want to cast Hypnotic Siren for 1 or 7 in Constructed. Maybe I just haven't seen it used well, Argy(: I took a break during the Theros block and saw it as an outsider does.

RazortoothMtg, you're SO RIGHT. Outlast never felt good, with Bolster not far behind (that "least toughness" rider always felt like a huge downside).

I think a fair way to put a bit of closure on this discussion is that a lot of mechanics don't "work" as well outside of Limited, but that's not a bad thing. I'm so glad there are mechanics devoted to making Draft fun, but that doesn't mean I'd want to play them in the same format as Glorybringer or, heaven forbid, with Jace, the Mind Sculptor.

Argy on Mechanics that never really worked

3 months ago

I love Bestow.

Enchant my Creature, but it can't be 2-for-1-ed as with most Enchantments?


Morph works really well with Deathmist Raptor.

However, those are just my observations.

We're not taking about mechanics you don't LIKE.

Talking about ones which you don't think have WORKED.

Sweetlou357 on Morphing Monsters

4 months ago

Thanks JellyJam for the upvote and comment. I added a couple Zoetic Cavern, its a great versatile card that I overlooked. As for Deathmist Raptor I like it a lot and was considering it along with Djin, Den Protector, and Stratus Dancer but I just felt like the others provided more consistent value, the high morph cost really hurt it in my eyes. Thanks again for the suggestions.

JellyJam on Morphing Monsters

4 months ago

Always wanted a morph deck myself! Ever thought about Deathmist Raptor & Zoetic Cavern?

cdkime on Ghalta, Primal Hunger Commander Deck

5 months ago

Defense of the Heart is a great card in any green deck with large creatures. The ability to tutor a threat is powerful. The ability to tutor a threat and put it immediately on the battlefield even more so. The ability to tutor two threats and put both on the battlefield? Very strong.

Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger is another great card in any green ramp deck, as it both doubles your own ramp, and slows your opponents. It makes a great target for Defense of the Heart--being able to Vorinclex on turn 4-5 is usually enough to win the game.

I would recommend cutting Deathmist Raptor. You already are fairly creature-heavy, and its ability adds little to your deck.

I also think you are running a bit too many lands, and could probably afford to cut 1-2 of them.

Also, I noticed on your profile that you were fairly new to this site. I wanted to assure you that the spam posting above is uncharacteristic, and most everyone here is very helpful and friendly!

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