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Rotwidow Pack's Clock of Doom

Pauper EDH* BG (Golgari) Mill Tokens


This list shows an alternative way to build Rotwidow Pack. The first time I built Rotwidow, I made it with a fair amount of spiders in the deck, which are fairly impactful. Originally, I thought they would be good for defense, but in practice, I never wanted to block with them because I didn't want them to die and lower my spider count. This build, however, has almost no spiders, instead packing the deck with ludicrous amounts of ramp. One of the other benefits of this new approach is that removal and bounce spells don't slow down the deck as much, since the extra ramp makes replaying Rotwidow much easier.

The general game plan of this build is to get to the point of having 10 mana available as quickly as possible, so you can activate Rotwidow twice per turn cycle and start doing as much damage as possible. As such, we have a lot of ways to fill the grave for that ability, including cycling creatures, self mill abilities, and creatures that sacrifice themselves.


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