Norin's cheap, hard to get rid of, and keeping both the pilot as well as their opponent on their toes. One of the most interesting things about this card, however, is that it rarely even does anything! It turns out he's vary for a reason.
He works amazingly with Genesis Chamber, Impact Tremors and even Electropotence , and to an extend even with weird cards such as Collateral Damage or Springleaf Drum . In EDH, you can run Purphoros, God of the Forge, Confusion in the Ranks and Panharmonicon to great success, but in Tiny Leaders, besides the showboating and odd-one-out factor, there's not much benefit to this commander.

For fun, I built a chaotic shell around him that's all over the place, and figured I'll use Norin mainly as a distraction!
In general, while intending to win, the purpose of this deck isn't to be highly competitive, but to have a fun deck that doesn't play out the exact same way every time you play it, like most Tiny Leader decks. Instead, you're juggling all these crazy cards around, likely getting your wary face smashed, yet still having a blast.

It's hard to put into words quite how this deck's playing out, so let me try to list some of the more interesting interactions and synergies:
  • Goblin Welder: Ichor Wellspring, Lotus Petal, Lantern of Insight, Gamble
    Gamble isn't dead with the Welder on the board anymore if it's the only card in your hand - fetch any artifact, discard it, then weld it straight to the battlefield!
  • Elixir of Immortality + Shrapnel Blast
    after activating Elixir, it will still be on the battlefield, and if you sacrifice it in response to it's own trigger, it will still be shuffled back in the library, as it will be in the graveyard itself once the ability resolves. For best results, fetch it with Goblin Welder before that happens, and it will remain on the battlefield, ready to shuffle Shrapnel Blast back in if you so desire.
  • Collateral Damage + Unwilling Recruit
  • lots of ways to manipulate the library, primarily for Lantern of Insight, Bonfire of the Damned , Sin Prodder and Scrying Sheets - about the craziest shit you can do is activate Sensei's Diving Top s first ability, in response it's second ability, in response it's first ability, in response Goblin-weld Top into the graveyard to fetch Lantern of Insight or Elixir of Immortality, then pass priority. If everything resolves, you'll get a Lantern (from here on, between every step, you'll be able to shuffle your library for best results) in exchange for your Top (which will never end up in your library), then get to rearrange the top three cards, then draw the topmost card, now optimally shuffle your library with Lantern unless everything's already going perfectly, and finally rearrange the top three cards after shuffling (of which your opponent doesn't get to see the topmost card, because Lantern isn't on the battlefield anymore. This costs you a total of or depending on which artifact you weld, and gives you enormous library control, nevermind going 7 or 8 cards deep (which is less than a quarter of your deck by the time you get to run this the earliest)
  • lots of creatures due to Genesis Chamber, especially in combination with Impact Tremors
  • strong, resistant creatures: Etched Champion, Smuggler's Copter
  • opponent surrendering to the awesomeness of Goblin Welder
  • opponent dieing of old age (or alternatively drawing from an empty library from Altar of the Brood )
  • Crater Elemental is mainly a blocker for about anything Tiny Leaders could throw at you, but if you're already winning due to Genesis Chamber, you can speed things up with it's Ferocious ability.
    It also kills many creatures on demand, including if you want to show off how to kill Norin if your opponent complains about there not being a way to deal with him!
  • Looter Scooter (Smuggler's Copter): Not only can you turn this into a creature at no cost whatsoever, as Norin will be able to tap every turn for the Crew ability - it also loots through your deck every turn, can be animated and sacrificed with Collateral Damage/Shrapnel Blast and cycled with Goblin Welder.
  • Gut Shot : Really just because it's fun to throw it at your opponent like a Shuriken out of nowhere...
  • I used to run Krark's Thumb for Fiery Gambit , Planar Chaos and Mana Clash , but eventually dropped most of them for consistancy reasons - the coin cycle is more chaotic, however rarely satisfying to play, so these days, I'm fine running only Fiery Gambling with no backup, because having a single random card in the deck isn't bad, especially if the reward is this good
  • Electropotence is a beater, but it's mana investment is too big, considering you have to pay it twice each time you untap. It's well worth it once you also have Hero's Blade, however it still isn't much fun, and therefore it's cut from the deck
  • Soultether Golem was made for this deck, but it was made a good few years to early and is therefore too weak... for and Vanishing 1, you would expect it to at least have Haste... (in which case it would be playable, but still not interacting in any great way with anything else)
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