Target blocking creature gets +7/+7 until end of turn.

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Righteousness Discussion

Nametagg0 on Elspeth Token Surge

2 months ago

Secure the Wastes is one that might be of interest

Aysen Crusader is another

id probably add a few defensive instants such as Righteousness or Repel the Abominable

PeriodicalFits on Legendary Samurai

9 months ago

Hey! I love samurai and have a few tips you may like. I would probably say that adding 2 Sensei Golden-Tail and taking out a Hand of Honor and a Inner-Chamber Guard would help. Sensei is a legendary samurai but is still only a 2 cmc. On top of that, you can use it to give more bushido to other samurai, which would be helpful once you drop Takeno, Samurai General. I would also recommend that you replace Hold the Line with Righteousness. yes, righteousness only targets one blocker, and not all, but it is only a 1 cmc, and you can target just Bushi Tenderfoot  Flip to cause it to flip easier. And finally, a cheaper alternative to Angel's Grace is Worship. Or if you want to stay in the Kamigawa block for your defense, you can use the kamigawa printing of Ghostly Prison.

Hope this helps! you can check out my Long Live the Samurai Deck or my Long Live the Monarch EDH deck for some nice ideas.

trnx14 on $10 Deck Series: Boros Heroic

1 year ago

This looks like a really cool beginner friendly deck! I would just like to hear your opinions on Aegis of the Heavens. It wouldn't buff your creatures to the extent that Righteousness would, but at the same time it doesn't have the condition that it has to target a blocking creature. I could easily see it saving a creature in the damage step. Overall, great job!

SamuraiNinjaSpy on $10 Deck Series: Boros Heroic

1 year ago

Phalanx Leader could be a good cheap card to add, maybe replacing some instants to bring the creature count up. I would also consider Righteousness as a potential option to act as removal for big threats.

Tzefick on Ability challenge

1 year ago

Some quick 2 cents on other entries:

TypicalTimmy Show

Boza Show

As for my own suggestion on Hunt, I'm sitting on two versions and would like some feedback on the concept if possible before deciding a final route. I'll note which version will be the main entry until I change my mind or the challenge ends - when is that btw dbpunk?

Mechanic Show

Examples for model 1 Show

At the moment I will not make examples on the second variant.

fffume on Card creation challenge

1 year ago



Target blocked creature gains +6/+6 until the end of turn.

Twist on Righteousness .

Looking at all of the Alpha spells, it's really hard to make simple twist on them - they're all really good or bad, and it's hard to make a reasonable, color-appropiate 1:1 from that. And god, am I bad at being creative.

Continue the "classic spell" with a twist line, unless I was ninja'd.

ruy343 on Card creation challenge

1 year ago

I've been thinking for a while that a theme that's been within reach for a while is a "make the enemy attack me when it's suboptimal, and make them pay for it" theme. Blue slots into this quite nicely. For example, look at Goblin Diplomats , Angler Turtle , Bident of Thassa , Curse of the Nightly Hunt , or even Grand Melee , coupled with any of a number of white spells like Celestial Flare , Righteousness or Outflank . With this theme idea in mind, some kind of red/white spell that forces attacks but also makes it hurt could be neato.

Hold the Line


Untap all creatures. Each creature attacks this turn, if able. Creatures you control gain first strike until end of turn.

"Our influence stopped the rachni, but before that, we held the line. Our influence stopped the krogan, but before that, we held the line! Our influence will stop Saren! in the battle today, we will hold the line!” -Captain Kirrahe, Last Words

Make more // cards that encourage enemies to attack when it's bad for them.

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