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My local magic shop is running a 6 week sealed draft "league". The way it works is after the initial buy in you get 7 boosters (4 m12 3 innistrad) for a sealed draft. The initial deck is a 40 card minimum and each week you play 3 matches and earn points. starting on week 2, and on each week after, you get 2 more boosters to add to your card pool and your draft deck so its evolving throughout the 6 weeks. I'm listing my initial deck idea here with the cards i pulled from my first 7 packs all listed in the sideboards. Any input is welcome :)


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Illegal cards Diabolic Tutor , Devouring Swarm , Volcanic Dragon , Chandra's Outrage , Lava Axe , Grave Titan , Gorehorn Minotaurs , Goblin Fireslinger , Fiery Hellhound , Furyborn Hellkite , Duskhunter Bat , Adaptive Automaton , Shock , Fireball , Blood Seeker , Drifting Shade
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