Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Lorwyn Common

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Creature — Elemental


When Wispmare enters the battlefield, destroy target enchantment.

Evoke (White) (You may play this spell for its evoke cost. If you do, it's sacrificed when it enters the battlefield.)

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Wispmare Discussion

fragarach97 on Ephara's Pass n' Draw Flicker Disco Party

2 months ago

Oh yeah, Wispmare is solid if you can constantly recur it like you should be able to do in this deck. I run it in my Insperia the Inscructable deck, but I think it'll serve you here if things lay out in your favour. Definitely have a look at Nevermaker though, you need a way to flicker it already on board to get full value, but I've seen it ruin games with my friends Brago deck.

Emeisle on Ephara's Pass n' Draw Flicker Disco Party

2 months ago

fragarach97 Thank you so much for the vote! I'll definitely consider those two. I do think I need more removal so Wispmare looks awesome.

fragarach97 on Ephara's Pass n' Draw Flicker Disco Party

2 months ago

Have you considered Wispmare and Nevermaker? Nevermaker is especially powerful if you have a way to consistently flicker it on board.

RazortoothMtg on Costs for Evoking with Karador

3 months ago

I have a Karador, Ghost Chieftain deck on MTGO and when I cast an evoke creature (for example, Wispmare) from my graveyard, It lets me cast it for the evoke cost, and sacrifices it, but makes me pay the mana for the full cost.

Basically, I have a Wispmare in the graveyard and click cast for evoke cost. MTGO makes me pay instead of , the evoke cost. The creature then enters the battlefield, has it's effect, and sacrifices itself. Is this correct or a MTGO bug?

Vasseer on Mistmeadow Blink (Pauper EDH)

4 months ago

Drag Under is strictly worse than Repulse, Faerie Trickery is almost always better than Cancel, Think Twice is better than Counsel of the Soratami. Rishadan Cutpurse makes your opponent tap 1 land per turn, which does basically nothing... Gulf Squid does basically the same thing but better. Why is Saltskitter even here it does nothing. Ethersworn Shieldmage also does nothing with only 7 artifact creatures, and the fact that witch has it enter on eot. The annihilator 1 from Hand of Emrakul is not enough to warrant it's inclusion, (Crusher is great though). Lens of Clarity wasn't even playable in draft and should never ever be put in a deck, it's basically 1 mana discard a card. Sage of Epityr is better than Sage Owl by a lot. Quite honestly you really need to either cut the artifact theme or go a lot deeper on it, cause right now you're playing 13 artifacts and 3 of them need other artifacts to be good, your Faerie Mechanist will hit like 1 in 4 times meaning you're paying 16 mana to draw 1 card. Scrivener gives you another way to go off with drake as would playing Cloud of Faeries and High Tide. Trinket Mage is like one of the best cards in the format and you have enough artifacts if you add Ancient Den and Seat of the Synod to make it playable plus they make your other artifact cards better. Ash Barrens is the format's new best mana fixing obviously after Command Tower. Treasure Cruise is also legal. You have like 0 ways to interact with artifacts or enchantments, if you want to keep your artifact theme going Dispeller's Capsule is really good, otherwise there's Seal of Cleansing, Disenchant, Wispmare (who can be flickered in response to evoke sac), Absolver Thrull and a bunch of others. Knight of the Mists is tech against the knight player. Also Sea Gate Oracle.

Rhystic Study is great in multiplayer, but garbage mediocre outside of it, Mystic Remora is always nuts. Also pauper edh is a 1v1 format (usually).

totalnovice on Jimbo, God of Chopped Meat

8 months ago


Some value creatures:

Card draw:

Other stuff to consider:

Ghost7 on Lorwyn's Revival

8 months ago

I could see bringing in Wispmare against Leyline of Sanctity. Maybe splash a couple shocks and cheap fetches to make sure you can cast Wispmare if you don't have Incandescent Soulstoke?

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