Rootwater Thief


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Nemesis Rare

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Rootwater Thief

Creature — Merfolk Rogue

(Blue): Rootwater Thief gains flying until end of turn.

Whenever Rootwater Thief deals combat damage to a player, you may pay (2). If you do, search that player's library for a card and remove that card from the game, then the player shuffles his or her library.

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Rootwater Thief Discussion

kylar_ on Tell Me What Aggro Is

3 months ago

concordo com tudo que o gustavo disse, na moral, agora umas cartas especificas que eu acho que nao tem nada a ver: Deflecting Palm, Flying Crane Technique (6 manas vei, convenhamos), Celestial Mantle massa pelo double strike, mas custa 15 conto, 6 manas, 3 brancas e auras sao ruins em edh no geral, eu tiraria facil, Jeskai Ascendancy nao entendi a funcao dele nesse deck, os +1/+1 sao quase irrelevantes e tem cartas melhores se for pra filtrar, Reparations tambem nao muito bom, mas sei la, pode funcionar, Aetherflux Reservoir assim, definitivamente uma carta forte, mas eu nao vejo o pq dela aqui, Argentum Armor super pesado, 12 manas pra baixar e equipar quebra, voce perde dois turnos fazendo isso, Odric, Master Tactician voce definitivamente nao tem criatura o bastante pra ele funcionar, Rootwater Thief de novo, eu entendo a relacao com double strike, mas isso serve pra impedir combos, no nosso meta voce so vai tirar uma carta aleatoria e fodase, Nahiri, the Lithomancer pra um deck muito mais equipment heavy, nao que ela seja ruim aqui, mas pagar 20 conto numa carta que nao faz tudo isso no seu deck nao parece muito bom

Selphiron on Thar be pirates on these seas!

4 months ago

Here are some other suggestions: Piracy Charm. The following cards are more "Thief"-themed cards but they still suit in this deck I think. Morgue Theft, Morsel Theft, Psychic Theft, Thieves' Fortune, Triton Shorethief, Thief of Blood, Scroll Thief, Rootwater Thief (this one is actually pretty sick), Notion Thief, Master Thief, Jhessian Thief, Ingenious Thief, Identity Thief, Grimoire Thief, Dream Thief, Daring Thief (since you have some bad cards, you can exchange them for better cards with an opponent), Bala Ged Thief, Aura Thief

Splashy on Rafiq Tempo cEDH

4 months ago

Oh boy do I have a card for you. I bet Rootwater Thief could do some serious work in your list.

Dk1997 on

6 months ago

Rootwater Thief remove opponents combo pieces

PayOneLife on Star Wars: Rogue Leader

1 year ago

Also, Rootwater Thief is a rogue (check out his oracle text on Gatherer). Could be a good threat against combo/control.

Silverf1sh on The Tens of EDH 2: ...

1 year ago

I would say that an incredibly underlooked card, especially if we aren't talking competitive EDH, is Rootwater Thief. Take that, Eldrazi and other asinine things.