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@canderson107 Having the Gateway, two creatures on board, with a third in hand that all share a type is a tall order in Kaalia, who's essentially a "split" tribal deck.

One could also argue that being in such a position means you're already ahead. Tapping down those creature slows your clock, so you may be much better off with an answer, lock piece, or blowout.

I'll note that Strionic Resonator provides a similar force multiplyer effect when paired with Kaalia, and is much more flexible when it comes to generating value off of your creature's ETBs/Triggers.

@Enral The mono-red counters have been on the fringe of the list for awhile. I'd sincerely recommend them to anyone in a blue/counter heavy meta, but my biggest offenders are Prossh, Mono Sidisi, Selvala, and Breya. If I faced more U or Mono-U threats I'd consider them, but for the moment, I can't personally justify them.

As for Trinisphere... well, I don't know. There's a lot arguing for and against it. It have it in a Derevi stax and I still haven't quite figured out it's time and place. I'm open to advice on it.

@DirtySouth I've considered it and probably should test it. I've gone down a handful of instants since I last thought it.

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Kaalia of the Vast - "Competitive Aggro"

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Tasigur - "Reanimator"

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