The concept is simple: get Saheeli out ASAP and cast a bunch of non-creature spells to pump up the amount of artifacts you have, decreasing the cost of Thoughtcast so you can play it multiple times to draw a lot of cards. There's a lot of things you can do with all those artifacts, servo tokens and a couple of things to do with that Storm count.

Wincons include:

1 - Dramatic Isochron - Ramps up Storm as you are casting the copies. Grapeshot. This will also trigger Saheeli's static ability to build up a huge army of Servo tokens.

2 - Blasting Station /Grinding station/Altar of Dementia - punishes the opponent by sacrificing your Servo tokens you acquire just by casting stuff.

3 - Burst of Speed/Goblin Bushwhacker (kicked) - give all Servo tokens haste. Swing and win.

4 - Burn at the Stake - Straight up burn once you wrack up the Servo tokens.

5- Altar of the Brood/impact Tremors - Punishes your opponents when your Servo tokens enter the battlefield.

This deck includes various means to tutor up artifacts and some for instants/sorceries. More realistically this deck should take off Turn 3-Turn 5 given the amount of Tutor to get the Isochron Scepter->Dramatic Reversal combo or just enough spells going off to rack up the servo tokens to cast Thoughtcast multiple times to draw into a win condition.

This deck really relies on Saheeli to be out ASAP. This design is on purpose as my previous Oathbreaker decks felt like the Oathbreaker was there only as a means to get at a Signature Spell and didn't have any huge interactions with the deck. This time I wanted to design a deck that's whole purpose is to interact with my Oathbreaker and not just the Signature Spell. Once Saheeli is out, Things should accelerate quickly as you have access to what should quickly become very cheap card draw and several affects that can be used on your opponents with little to nearly no cost to your mana reserves. Save it for the counter spells!

Any suggestions, ideas, opinions etc etc are always appreciated! Always looking for cards that will increase efficiency!


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Tested this deck against last night, and it worked nearly flawless. I had it combo out and go into "I will draw and cast as much as I want" mode in the third turn with Dramatic Isochron left unanswered. I thought it was hilarious but the opponents just shook their head and shuffled up after the fourth casting of Thoughtcast and casting whatever I want from basically infinite mana.

Good times, good times. I have a suspicion I'll see a lot more artifact removal next time.



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