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Saheeli Shenanigans - Theorycrafting Turn 1 kills

Oathbreaker Artifact Combo Mill Multiplayer Storm Tokens



I currently no longer use this deck, but have taken to tweaking to see just how fast I can get the deck to go in ideal conditions. This list may change as I tinker with it. THIS IS NOT A WAY OATHBREAKER SHOULD BE PLAYED!! This is a casual social format similar to Commander, and this style of play should only occur if the other players at the table enjoy playing in this fashion!

The concept is simple: get Saheeli out ASAP and cast a bunch of non-creature spells to pump up the amount of artifacts you have, decreasing the cost of Thoughtcast so you can play it multiple times to draw a lot of cards. There's a lot of things you can do with all those artifacts, servo tokens and a couple of things to do with that Storm count.

Wincons include:

1 - Dramatic Isochron - Ramps up Storm as you are casting the copies. Grapeshot. This will also trigger Saheeli's static ability to build up a huge army of Servo tokens.

2 - Blasting Station /Grinding station/Altar of Dementia - punishes the opponent by sacrificing your Servo tokens you acquire just by casting stuff.

3 - Burst of Speed/Goblin Bushwhacker (kicked) - give all Servo tokens haste. Swing and win.

4 - Burn at the Stake - Straight up burn once you wrack up the Servo tokens.

5- Altar of the Brood/impact Tremors - Punishes your opponents when your Servo tokens enter the battlefield.

This deck includes various means to tutor up artifacts and some for instants/sorceries. More realistically this deck should take off Turn 3-Turn 5 given the amount of Tutor to get the Isochron Scepter->Dramatic Reversal combo or just enough spells going off to rack up the servo tokens to cast Thoughtcast multiple times to draw into a win condition.

This deck really relies on Saheeli to be out ASAP. This design is on purpose as my previous Oathbreaker decks felt like the Oathbreaker was there only as a means to get at a Signature Spell and didn't have any huge interactions with the deck. This time I wanted to design a deck that's whole purpose is to interact with my Oathbreaker and not just the Signature Spell. Once Saheeli is out, Things should accelerate quickly as you have access to what should quickly become very cheap card draw and several affects that can be used on your opponents with little to nearly no cost to your mana reserves. Save it for the counter spells!

Any suggestions, ideas, opinions etc etc are always appreciated! Always looking for cards that will increase efficiency!

Turn 1 Kill Setup 1:

Cards altered to add a new TUrn 1 kill. I'll list it below:

-swap Signature Spell for Battle Hymn and place Thoughtcast in the deck so it's still 60. -Play Ancient Tomb. -Discard Simian Spirit Guide -Cast Seething Song. Now you have 5 red mana and 4cards in hand. -Cast Desperate Ritual so you're at 6 red mana. -Cast Pyretic Ritual to get 7 red mana. 3 cards left. -Cast Saheeli. 4 red mana left. -Cast Young Pyromancer. 2 red mana left. -Cast Battle Hymn, which triggers YP and Saheeli so you have 3 creatures to get RRR. Cast Battle Hymn again. Repeat until you have desired Storm count and cast Grapeshot and wipe out all opponents...

Total cards used from hand: 7

Turn 1 kill setup 2:

-Play Ancient Tomb. -Discard Simian Spirit Guide -Cast Seething Song. Now you have 5 red mana and 5 cards in hand. -Cast Desperate Ritual so you're at 6 red mana. -Cast Pyretic Ritual to get 7 red mana. 3 cards left. -Cast Saheeli. 4 red mana left. -Cast the Talisman/Signet. Use Saheeli's -1 ability to turn the myr token into a copy of that artifact. so you should have RR left. - Cast Isochron Sceptre and imprint Dramatic Reversal. That empties your hand and your mana pool. Use the talismans to activate Isochron. This casts a copy which nets you a myr token. Rinse and repeat until you have enough tokens to over run everyone. -Use the U to cast Thoughtcast and hopefully draw into a Burst of Speed, which costs R and gives all creatures Haste. Cast and win!



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