To the tune of "This Land is Your Land", by Woody Guthrie:

This land was your land,

I killed your Islands.

Blew up your Mountains,

You can say "Goodbye, lands!"

Trashed all your damnned Plains

And smoked your Forests.

Your lands were all destroyed by me!


1) Swamps not included in song lyrics b/c Choking Sands wont affect them. Make sure to save those for use on any non-basic lands when playing against black, and remember you always have others like Conquer, Pillage, and some land-neutralizing creatures to negate some Swamps.

2) This guy Axelrod Gunnarson reminds me of the lead singer for a massively popular rock n roll band, so i included two of him. Hes got an Appetite for (land) Destruction!!


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.... after I take out some ____ (creatures?), will also need to add a couple to go with HO incl Lord of the Pit and Midnight Oil. Just for the Hell of it.


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